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(EXPIRED) Capital One Venture/ 10% Partnership Ending On January 31, 2020

Capital One & Hotels

Update #2: This news was eventually confirmed. The partnership with is ending on 1/31/20. Update: Gary from View From The Wing has contacted Capital One who confirmed that they haven’t made an announcement regarding this. The landing page lists the end date as January 31, 2020, but the partnership could be extended beyond that date. If anything is formally announced, we’ll let you know. Just over a year ago, Capital One started offering 10%…

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(EXPIRED) $100 Gift Cards For $85 On Newegg (Limit 2)

Hotels Gift Card

Newegg is selling $100 gift cards for $85. Even though it lists a restriction of 2 per customer, it might be possible to get another couple of them before the deal expires. The Deal Buy $100 gift cards for $85. Direct link to offer. Key Terms Limit 2 per customer. Expires March 17, 2019. Quick Thoughts A discount of 15% on gift cards is pretty good, especially seeing as each night you…

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(EXPIRED) Stack for $20 off $60 gift cards is offering a $10 bonus eGift Card when you buy a $50 Gift card (physical or electronic). You can further stack that with an Amex Offer for $10 back on a $50 gift card purchase. While the terms of the bonus gift card deal state that the $10 bonus eGift card can not be combined with another card, a reader reports that he was able to successfully combine his bonus $10 eGift card with an…

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15-20% Off Gift Cards At Newegg, Gyft & PPDG

Hotelsdotcom discounted gift cards

Update 12/22/18: The discounted gift cards are out of stock on Newegg and Gyft. There are a few different sites currently selling gift cards at a 15-20% discount, with one of them also offering the opportunity to earn 5x on the purchase. The Deals & Key Terms Gyft – Buy $50 gift card for $40. Direct link to offer. Use promo code TRIP18 Expires December 26, 2018 at 9pm ET or while supplies…

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(EXPIRED) Walmart In-Store: Buy $50 Gift Card, Get $15 Bonus Code

Walmart Hotelsdotcom

Walmart is selling $50 gift cards that come with a $15 bonus code. These gift cards are only available at participating Walmart stores and may or may not expire. The Deal Buy $50 gift card and get a $15 bonus code for Key Terms Promotion offered at participating Walmart stores. Offer expires January 1, 2019. Must claim bonus by March 31, 2019. Valid on $50 card only. To claim the $15…

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(EXPIRED) Amex Offer: Buy $50+ Gift Card & Get $10 Back (Targeted) Gift Card Amex Offer

There’s a new Amex Offer that’s giving a $10 statement credit when spending $50+ on gift cards. The offer appears to be targeted as it was only on a couple of my cards. The Deal Spend $50+ on gift cards in one or more transactions and get $10 back. Key Terms Expires January 20, 2019. Offer valid only on gift cards purchased through Not valid on international site. Purchase must be…

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(EXPIRED) $100 for $85 at Newegg [Limit 2, can be combined] is offering a $100 gift card for $85 with coupon code EMCEEEU25. You can buy two of these and gift cards can easily be combined online, so this is an easy way to save thirty bucks on a hotel stay (and possibly even better depending on how and when you use them). The Deal Get a $100 eGift card for $85 with coupon code EMCEEEU25 Direct link to this deal Key Terms Limit 2 per person Quick Thoughts…

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(EXPIRED) $100 for $85, discounts on Uber, Groupon, and Papa John’s GCs

PayPal Digital Gifts is offering discounts on gift cards for ($100 for $85), Groupon ($100 for $85), Uber ($50 for $45), and Papa John’s ($25 for $20). Some of these may not last long. The Deal Discounts at PayPal Digital Gifts on the following gift cards (click each for a direct link): $100 Gift card for $85 $100 Groupon Gift Card for $85 $50 Uber Gift Card for $45 $25 Papa John’s Gift card for $20 Key…

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(EXPIRED) Discounted Gift Cards On Newegg: $100 For $85

Newegg Hotels Discounted gift card

Newegg is selling $100 gift cards for only $85. There’s a limit of two, but it might be possible to exceed that in the coming days. The Deal Buy $100 egift cards for $85. Direct link to offer (but use a portal). Key Terms Limit 2 per customer. Expires 7/30/18 Quick Thoughts The terms state that it’s only two per customer, but it’s usually possible to buy two more gift cards a couple…

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