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My full retreat back to iPhone-land

That’s it then.  My Pixel 3 is gathering dust already.  I gave it a try, but ultimately decided to return to my trusty old iPhone. The reason? I missed some key iPhone features, and I was frustrated with a few Pixel 3 quirks. Pixel 3: “Turn left onto North Main Street.” Me: “OK Google. Stop Navigation.” Pixel 3: “Continue straight 1 mile.” Me: “OK GOOGLE. STOP NAVIGATION” Pixel 3: “Turn left onto…” The dialog above…

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The free iPhone that nearly cost me full price

free iPhone

Citibank’s AT&T Access More card has an excellent but unusual signup offer.  Instead of points or cash back, you get a new phone.  The deal requires having (or getting) AT&T wireless service, so its best for those who are already with AT&T, or want to be.  In my case, my family is on AT&T’s mobile share plan, so the deal makes a lot of sense for us. I had occasion to make use of the…

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Trip Results Washington DC

This past weekend I flew to Washington DC for the Star MegaDO Launch Party.  You can read about the party here and here.  I’m not going to write about the MegaDO or the launch party – at least, not today.  Today’s post is a different kind of trip report:  Frequent Miler Laboratory style… Experiment 1: Buy flight to one airport, fly to another The launch party was held at the Crystal City Hyatt, a stone’s…

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How My Smartphone Saved my Butt

I write a lot about Sears gift cards. I’ve written about how you can use them to meet minimum credit card spend; how to use them to buy airline miles cheaply; and how to use them to create a “perpetual point machine“. Frankly, it’s a little embarrassing how much I’ve written about Sears gift cards especially since I’m not much of a Sears shopper in general. And, to make matters worse, I have a whole…

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