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Increase Credit Card Spend (and do good) with Kiva and Kivalens

Update 7/29/2017: US Bank no longer codes Kiva as a charity. This post has been updated accordingly. Kiva is a nonprofit organization that facilitates micro-loans to enterprising individuals around the world so that they may earn their own way out of poverty.  Kiva loans do not earn interest, but they can be paid for with a credit card.  Credit card payments do earn rewards and do not count as cash advances. If you’re considering making…

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How to fix Kivalens (so that you can do good and increase credit card spend)

I published a primer on increasing credit card spend through Kiva in 2013 (see: Kiva: loans, points, and miles).  I believe that all of the basic info there is still correct today, so I’ll simply summarize here: Kiva is an organization that helps deliver micro-loans to people around the world. Loans can be funded by credit card.  If all goes well, you’ll eventually get all of your money back, but you will not earn interest…

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