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Stacking Kohl’s + Discover: $1.93 for 12pc 16oz cooler glass set

Kohl’s currently has a number of stacking deals that provide decent savings on a range of products — including this 12pc set of 16oz drinking glasses that you may be able to pick up in-store for as low as $2.99: How to stack it For maximum savings, you’ll need a new Discover card and a little luck. Many/most Discover card holders have access to a $10 off Kohl’s coupon in their accounts. This coupon applies as…

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Was I the Kohl’s Cash lady?

Kohl’s Cash.  It’s that weird currency-like thing that Kohl’s regularly gives you in exchange for purchases.  It works kinda like a gift card, but not.  And it’s kinda like a coupon, but not.  It behaves so strangely that I once wrote a whole post about it “The strange economics of Kohl’s Cash.”  The details of how Kohl’s Cash behaves have since changed in some ways, but it’s no less confusing than ever before. Why am…

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The strange economics of Kohl’s Cash

kohl's cash

Every few weeks, Kohl’s runs a sale where Kohl’s charge card holders get up to 30% off with a coupon and everyone gets $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent.  In fact, a sale like this begins today and runs through October 5th.  For this sale, charge card holders can use code SAVING30 to get their 30% off discount. Even though the Terms & Conditions say otherwise, it has long been the case that one…

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