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60 miles per dollar, exclamations included.

Holy cow.  60 miles per dollar is a huge portal bonus.  As I reported yesterday via Quick Deals, Magazines.com is now offering 60 miles per dollar via the AAdvantage eShopping portal through November 30th....

Big (and mostly bad) changes to the Ultimate Rewards Mall

April 1st kicks off with a cruel joke from Chase.  Many of the big bonus point offers in the Ultimate Rewards Mall have dropped precipitously.  Below are some of my findings this morning when...

Buy books for 40X

I’ve written quite a bit in the past about Magazines.com offering 40 points per dollar through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  Most of these posts were reports of attempts to double dip by buying...

Ultimate Rewards Mall Update

As of this morning (Feb 1), there are a number of changes to the payouts from Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold (note that when logging into...

40X ain’t so bad

Through the Ultimate Rewards Mall, Magazines.com currently offers 40 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent.  Ever since lovetofly reported on Milepoint that he partially succeeded in double dipping Magazines.com, I’ve been trying to find...

Weekend Update

Magazines.com My attempt to double dip by buying gift cards through the Ultimate Rewards Mall and then using the gift card through Big Crumbs failed.  Big Crumbs reported 0 cash back for the...

Evening News

My double dip experiment with the Aadvantage eShopping mall worked!  I received 10 points per dollar for making a Sears.com purchase using gift cards.  I had bought those gift cards for 10 points...

Weekend Update

A couple of quick updates: American Express OPEN savings for gift card purchases:Several days ago I wrote about leveraging American Express OPEN savings to buy gift cards in my post about how to maximize...

Buy Ultimate Rewards Points for 1.53 cents or less

In a recent post (Ultimate Rewards Mall Updates) I reported that, through the Ultimate Rewards Mall, Magazines.com is currently offering 40 points per dollar.  I mentioned that I was going to try to “double...

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