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Anonymous PayPal employee to answer questions

PayPal offers a convenient service for sending, spending, and receiving money online.  They also offer the PayPal My Cash card which can be used for manufacturing spend.  It’s possible to buy My Cash cards with credit cards, then load the money to your PayPal account, then withdraw the money in various ways.  For those seeking credit card rewards, it sounds perfect.  Unfortunately, PayPal will almost certainly freeze your account if you do this often.  And,…

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Manufacturing Choice. Is it worth it?

Manufacturing Choice

Last month I asked “Should I bet on Choice?”  Thanks to my Chase Amtrak card (which is now a Freedom card), I had a short term opportunity to convert up to 25,000 Amtrak points to Choice at a 1 to 3 ratio.  In the aforementioned post, I said that I wasn’t going to do the transfer.  In the end, though, I changed my mind (and several reader comments helped convince me to do so).  Ultimately…

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How to prevent your brain from exploding

brain exploding

Lately, thanks to Rolling Stone magazine, our hobby has become “The Hobby”.  I prefer to think of it as The Game.  Regardless, while this game/hobby/whatever is awesome for those who master it, it is also filled to the brim with complexity: deals, opportunities, nuances, exceptions, and changes. Just deciding which of many deals to go after can be daunting on its own.  Take, for example, these recent Quick Deal posts: Cheap Fares on American Airlines…

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How to increase credit card spend. Announcing a new resource page.

credit card spend

Whether your goal is to meet minimum spend requirements for new credit cards, or to earn credit card big spend bonuses, you can find techniques for increasing credit card spend in a new resource page on this blog: How to increase credit card spend.  The page can currently be found under the Credit Cards menu on the Frequent Miler site. And, as I mentioned yesterday, you can now subscribe to posts and pages without leaving…

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Options for paying to increase credit card spend. Are they worth it?

Signing up for credit cards is, by far, the easiest and quickest way to get huge numbers of points and miles. By signing up for cards regularly, it can be easy to earn hundreds of thousands of points per year.  There is, though, a significant obstacle to this approach: Most big signup offers have big spend requirements.  A typical offer, for example, requires $3,000 of spend within the first 3 months of card membership.  Some…

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Free credit card spend. What’s left?

The end of free credit card spend One by one, most free and easy options for increasing credit card spend have fallen by the wayside.  The US Mint used to sell dollar coins with no fees or shipping charges, and they let you use a credit card to pay.  That incredible deal ended in 2011.  Amazon used to allow $1000 of free credit card spend per month through its Amazon Payments system.  They ended that…

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Two days of spend revenge

Last week, Point Princess and I spent two days driving all around Ann Arbor with the primary goal of using up Lyft credits and the secondary goal of manufacturing spend.  Point Princess happens to be a Lyft driver and I happened to be a slightly disgruntled Lyft customer in possession of lots of rapid expiring Lyft credits.  Here’s the story… The deal In February I received an interesting email from Lyft.  It read, in part:…

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