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Best credit cards for buying Visa or Mastercard gift cards

One path to earning credit card rewards is to find ways to increase credit card spend and get most of your money back (see our guide here).  Visa and Mastercard gift cards are often a key component to making these techniques work because they have PINs and can therefore be used in many places that only accept debit cards. Without question, the biggest bang for your buck is to meet spend requirements on new credit…

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Simon says: New (improved) procedure for $10K+ purchases

Simon Malls are in the midst of a promo enabling Manufactured Spenders to purchase Visa Gift Cards with a load value of up to $1,000 for an activation fee of just $3.95 (don’t forget to also see Mistakes to avoid on $1K Simon Visa Gift Cards). These are great for MS since higher-value cards reduce liquidation time / swipes, make it easier to pay taxes, etc. While Simon Malls have traditionally allowed individual customers to…

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Mistakes to avoid on $1K Simon Visa Gift Cards

As we reported last week, starting yesterday and running through 8/4/19, Simon Malls are offering $1,000 Visa Gift Cards with an activation fee of $3.95 to those folks engaging in Manufactured Spending. This is of course awesome because it means we can knock out a big chunk of spend with fewer gift cards and because it enhances the ease of liquidation since a single swipe has increased purchasing power. Furthermore, it reduces MS cost to…

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(EXPIRED) Up to $15 off on Mastercard GCs at Safeway / Albertsons / Vons through 5/14

$100 Mastercard Gift Card

Safeway / Albertsons / Vons and other just4u affiliates have digital coupons good for $10 off when you buy two $50 Mastercard gift cards and $15 off when you buy two $100 Mastercard gift cards. This is a one-time use coupon good through 5/14/19. The Deal Check your Safeway / Vons / Randall’s / Albertsons / just4u affiliate login for the following coupons: $15 off when you buy two $100 Mastercard gift cards. $10 off when you buy two…

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[Expired] Easy 5x: $10 off $300 in Visa Gift Cards at Office Max / Office Depot [3/10-3/16/1]

Starting today, 3/10/19, Office Max / Office Depot is offering an instant $10 off $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards through 3/16/19 (or while supplies last). The Deal Purchase $300 or more in Visa Gift Cards at Office Max / Office Depot and save $10 instantly from 13/10/19 through 3/16/19 Not in this week’s ad but showing up in stores Key Terms In-store only One offer per transaction (YMMV on multiple transactions) Quick Thoughts This deal is best maximized by…

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Staying organized: A sheet for gift card purchases

Greg recently wrote a post about The Tools We Use (for playing the game) that talked about many of the tools we use to earn more miles and points. In email chatter between the three of us (Greg, Stephen, and me) there was a lot of talk about various tools we use to stay organized in this hobby of collecting miles and points. One tool that #TeamFM relies upon highly is Google Sheets, which is a…

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Current Visa and Mastercard Gift Card Deals

Almost every week, there is an available offer somewhere to save on the purchase of Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards. These cards are popularly purchased as gifts, but can also be an effective way to increase credit card spend for the purposes of earning rewards. Sometimes, promotions like those below make it possible to come out a few dollars ahead and earn free rewards. You can read more about this in our Manufactured Spending Complete Guide.…

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(EXPIRED) Get Happy Again: $20 of $150 on Happy cards @ Office Max / Office Depot [11/25-12/1]

*Update: Re-posting this as the free Google Home Mini has been extended while supplies last. They will ring up free with a purchase of $150 or more and that does not exclude gift cards. YMMV by the store manager of course, but if you can convince them to ring it up, the Google Mini will come up free (must enter your rewards number). Keep in mind that your purchase has to be $150 or more…

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[Update: Extended to Sat] Free Google Home Mini with your Visa Gift Cards? [YMMV]

Update: I just received an email that this doorbuster has officially been extended to Saturday while supplies last. I’m sure it’s likely still not meant to work with gift cards, but several readers had success on Friday afternoon / evening. I’m going to make a trip out to the store Saturday morning to see if I can still grab this one. A reader reached out to let us know that they received a free Google Home Mini…

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