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Greg’s Travel Package Advice

With Marriott and SPG set to merge in August, I get questions every day regarding Travel Packages.  Should you book now or wait until later? And if you do book now, which package should you get? Marriott’s Travel Packages let you exchange Marriott Rewards points for a 7 night stay certificate plus a bunch of airline miles.  The best value packages are always the ones that return the most miles.  These offer such good value…

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Marriott’s Sleight Of Hand: Category Changes Worse Than Advertised

Marriott SPG Merger Sleight Of Hand

When is a decrease not a decrease? When it’s an increase. Being British has endowed me with a decent (some would say indecent) amount of cynicism. So when Marriott announced a huge devaluation in February 2018 that would take effect the following month, it made me wonder if they’d artificially inflated prices temporarily so they could lower them in August 2018 once the Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest schemes had been combined. As it…

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New Marriott award chart analysis

This morning Marriott unveiled award pricing for every hotel in the combined Marriott / Ritz / SPG program effective August 2018 (See: NOW LIVE: New Marriott SPG Award Category Assignments).  And, while I was crunching numbers, Nick published his initial thoughts: New Marriott award chart: first reactions. If you’d like to see details of my analyses, click here for details.  For everyone else, here were my findings: Average (mean) award prices remain roughly the same.…

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New Marriott Travel Packages: a first glance

As you may have read this morning, Marriott has released its new program award charts. We now also have the new chart for Marriott Travel Packages (found here). There is definitely some devaluation here, though the packages are simpler, which represents a smaller devaluation for some airlines. Most people would be much better off redeeming for a Travel Package today, though the hits to travel packages probably don’t destroy their value in the future. Don’t misunderstand that: this is…

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NOW LIVE: New Marriott SPG Award Category Assignments.

With Marriott and SPG moving to a new unified award chart in August, we’ve been eager to find out which categories our favorite hotels will fall into.  That time is…. NOW. New Marriott SPG Award Category Assignments New category assignments are published here: Nick and I have spent the day analyzing the new information.  Here’s what we’ve written so far: New Marriott award chart: first reactions New Marriott Travel Packages: a first glance New…

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News from the Marriott / SPG front

Here’s a quick post today about new information about the Marriott / SPG merger.  As always, you can find complete details here: Marriott SPG Ritz Transition Guide Marriott, Ritz, SPG Credit Card News New Marriott Business Card: According to Doctor of Credit, Chase is preparing to launch the “Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Card” on August 26th.  This card appears to be the business twin to the Marriott Rewards Premier Plus card which replaced the Marriott…

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Which airlines are best for Marriott Travel Packages?

Yesterday, Greg wrote about the potential for a huge win with Marriott Travel Packages. Of course, we don’t know that there will be a huge win — it’s just potential. Still, I know many readers are probably looking at these packages and wondering which airlines are the best transfer partners. While United offers the most miles at 132K with the largest (best-value) packages, they don’t necessarily offer the best value in terms of award pricing.…

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35% off Starpoints is back

Starwood is once again offering 35% off on the purchase of SPG Starpoints for purchases through July 20th. I imagine this has to be the last time this will be offered (and I am surprised to see it return this close to the combining of points from the three programs). Purchasing points isn’t always a good move, but it is definitely possible to put these points to use at a greater value than the cash price if you…

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Marriott Free Breakfast Simplified

We were promised that Marriott / SPG Platinum Elites would get free breakfast when Marriott and SPG merge in August.  But, as I reported previously, the rules describing who gets breakfast when and where are terribly confusing.  I’ve simplified it. Caution: The chart that follows has not yet been confirmed by Marriott.  I expect to make changes as I learn more, but I believe that I’ve got the basics correct.  For the latest version of…

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