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Possible fee-free Visa Gift Cards at AAA (very YMMV)

AAA is reportedly offering fee-free Visa Gift Cards at some locations. In the past, this promotion has been available at “Mid-Atlantic AAA” locations — though that the name doesn’t necessarily reflect the georgraphy (e.g. Mid-Atlantic AAA includes Kansas). See below for a list of areas included in that grouping, though it’s possible that this could be available in other areas. The Deal Possible fee-free Visa Gift Cards at certain AAA locations (unconfirmed which locations are participating,…

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Vanilla devalues, large denomination MasterCards, and Amex Gift Cards still a deal

Less useful Vanilla Update: Many people have reported that Vanilla Visa gift cards do still work at Walmart when loading in denominations of $49.99 or less. In the last day or two, reports have poured in from readers telling me that Vanilla Visa gift cards no longer work as debit cards at Walmart registers.  Even people experienced with the “change payment fast” technique have been unable to load Bluebird cards or perform any other transactions at…

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