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(EXPIRED) Mint class for economy prices…still some left

This morning, The Points Guy reported incredible JetBlue Mint Class fares from Boston and New York to the Caribbean, specifically to St. Lucia and Aruba. While many of the best fares have been gobbled up, there are still some dates available where Mint class is just a little more than economy class (or possibly some days where it is even less than economy). For example, here’s one Greg found: You’ll even find some dates available into the spring. Here’s March 30th.…

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Mint survey suggests new card similar to Bluebird, REDbird, and Serve. MintBird?

A reader reports being asked to fill out a survey by the online money tracking service Mint.  In the survey, he was asked his opinion about a new product from Mint.  Specifically, the survey said: This new product from Mint is a full service reloadable prepaid account that offers you the convenience of a debit card without the fees or hassle of a bank. With the prepaid account you can enjoy these key benefits: No…

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The Mint returns, eh?

Back in the day, the US Mint was the manufactured spend technique.  The Mint used to sell dollar coins for $1 each with free shipping.  And, they accepted credit cards.  There’s nothing better than buying money with money and earning credit card rewards along the way.  Then, in mid 2011, the free shipping offer was rescinded and it no longer made economic sense to buy coins just for the rewards. Now, thanks to this thread…

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