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Walmart’s new Money Order limits: new speed limit enforced [likely nationwide]

Those who have long manufactured spend by using gift cards to purchase money orders at Walmart will now find themselves running into a new roadblock: cashiers are now reportedly being prompted by the register to ask for ID for any money order transactions in excess of $1K (seems to be nationwide) and inputting it into a Walmart database. Furthermore, registers are hard-coded not to allow a customer to purchase more than $8,000 in money orders…

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Ugh…no more money orders at the post office

UPDATE: A few days after this was originally posted, USPS post office registers were updated nationwide so that they no longer accept gift cards as debit cards for money order purchases. In bad news for those who use gift cards to purchase money orders at the post office, Miles Per Day is reporting that a memo has gone out regionally to USPS locations advising them to stop accepting gift cards for money orders. Based on the…

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