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Manufacturing Delta Diamond, retrospective

Delta Diamond

A few years ago Delta introduced an excellent new choice benefit for top tier Diamond members: 4 Global Upgrade Certificates that can be applied to almost any economy fare in order to upgrade to business class.  I first wrote about this benefit in the post “Why Delta’s great new Choice Benefits irk me.”  My problem at that time was that I had previously developed a solid plan for alternating years manufacturing Platinum status for my…

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Pursuing Platinum Day 2

It’s time to choose Yesterday I asked readers to help me construct a mileage run so that I could secure Delta Platinum status this year.  I promised that whoever posted an idea that I use would get their choice of:  a) Frequent Miler’s undying gratitude; b) a Boarding Area t-shirt; or c) a few Delta snack & drink vouchers. I received some great suggestions, but I’m still on the fence as to what to do. …

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The Family Mileage Run

A few days ago I took a look at my family’s Delta MQM balance for the year. MQMs are Delta’s “Medallion Qualifying Miles” (most non-Delta people refer to these as EQMs: Elite Qualifying Miles). In order to get elite status on Delta, you need 25K MQMs to reach Silver status; 50K MQMs to reach Gold, 75K to reach Platinum, and 125K to reach Diamond. Bonus miles awarded for things like hotel stays and credit card…

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