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The Rube Goldberg approach to buying miles and delivering flowers [Update: ShopRunner not stacking with promos]

Rube Goldberg buying miles and delivering flowers

UPDATE 1:20 PM ET, 1/28/16: It turns out that ShopRunner free deliver does not stack with mile-earning promo codes.  I’m sorry for this mix up!  I will publish an updated post shortly. UPDATE 2;30 PM ET, 1/28/16: I’ve updated this post to indicate which deals require investing in Celebrations Passport ($29.99 per year). I can’t help myself.  Every now and then a bunch of deals come together in a wonderful, but ridiculously complicated way.  And,…

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Amex to jettison OfficeMax from OPEN Savings; and other changes good & bad

Amex OPEN improves Hertz benefit, but otherwise mostly bad news… One of the best and most reliable ways to buy gift cards at a discount has been to use an American Express small business card with OPEN Savings at  Amex’s OPEN Savings program automatically credits your account with 5% back for online purchases of $250 or less, and 10% back for purchases of more than $250 at  OfficeMax sells a variety of gift…

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Gift card savings at OfficeMax

If you are signed up with OfficeMax’s MaxPerks program, you probably received an email titled “➡ Open Me for a $30 Coupon + Ink Deal.”  If you view the email, you’ll see an offer for $30 off your next purchase of $175 at A reader named Dave let me know that this offer works with gift cards purchased online at OfficeMax.  He wrote: Semi-targeted deal at, but I believe any MaxPerks member got…

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Gift card churning news

Last week I outlined ways to earn hundreds of thousands of points and miles through gift card churning (see “The art of gift card churning @ #chicagoseminars“).  Today, I have a number of specific updates for people who have taken gift card churning to heart… Kohl’s triple dip not working In my recent post “How to maximize your Freedom 5X purchases” I suggested that it might be possible to earn 25 points per dollar at…

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OfficeMax Hotel Savings

Until July 28 (Saturday), OfficeMax is offering a $50 hotel cash card when you make a purchase of $175 or more. The cash card has some restrictions: Your hotel must be booked via (which probably means you won’t get elite stay credit or earn hotel points) Your stay must be two nights or more The card must be redeemed by January 1, 2014 (but it looks like your stay can be later than that…

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How to buy points for free

This is a trick for advanced gift card churners.  The trick can be used to help meet minimum spend requirements, earn points, and even earn some money.  I’ve hinted about this in previous posts, but I’ll bring it all together today.  The Trick At a high level, the trick is to use an Amex business credit card to buy OfficeMax gift cards for 10% off, then upgrade those cards to more valuable cards before selling…

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10% off everything and 7% off everything else

As I reported yesterday, it is now possible to get 10% cash back when buying OfficeMax gift cards.  The trick is to use an American Express business credit card with OPEN Savings.  The OPEN Savings program automatically gives 10% back for online OfficeMax purchases of more than $250. I also reported yesterday that it is possible to upgrade OfficeMax gift cards in-store by using them to buy other gift cards.  For example, I had no…

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OfficeMax Lab Results

Last week I reported that I was launching several Frequent Miler Laboratory experiments (see “Laboratory Preparations”).  Most of the results are in and can be found on the Laboratory page (sort results by date to find the most recent).  For each significant finding, I’ll write up a new post to explain how to leverage it.  In this post, I’ll describe the OfficeMax experiments and the exciting results… Experiment This experiment had 3 parts: Portal: Go…

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Office Supply Roundup

OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples….  Not only do some of the names sound the same, but the stores look the same and carry similar products.  Despite these similarities, the points and miles schemes available at each store vary dramatically.  So, to help clarify the differences, here is a roundup of what to look for in each store: Staples FAR deals: Every now and then Staples offers Free After Rebate (FAR) downloadable software with Easy Rebates.  I…

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