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Meeting minimum spend on an Amex business card

A reader contacted me yesterday asking about the best way to meet minimum spend on her American Express business card.  She has $1000 left to spend and wants to buy Walmart gift cards.  Of course she could simply go to Walmart to buy them, but she’d like to save money and/or earn points too.  So, what is the best option?  Here’s the best approach I can think of: Step 1: Look for discounted Walmart cards…

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How to buy Ultimate Reward points for 1.05 cents

UPDATE: Once you factor in shipping charges, the real cost per point is 1.1 cents.  See comments section for details. Barnes & Noble is currently running a promotion in The Ultimate Rewards Mall in which they’ll give 10 points per dollar for purchases (including gift cards).  At the same time, the American Express OPEN Savings program (which comes with American Express business cards) gives 5% back for Barnes & Noble purchases.  If you have an…

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Big Crumbs Amex rebate down to 1.4%

A common method people have used to meet minimum credit card spend to qualify for signup bonuses is to buy American Express gift cards via Big Crumbs in order to put big charges on their cards and get 1.6% cash back in the process.  Unfortunately, the cash back rate has now dropped to 1.4%. Fortunately, there are a few other good options if you are working on meeting minimum spend for the Chase Ink Bold…

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MasterCard Easy Savings

I’ve written before about ways to leverage the OPEN Savings program that comes with American Express business credit cards.  For example, see Maximize points per dollar at and Triple dip shopping at Barnes & Noble.  Did you know, though, that MasterCard has a similar program?  If you have a MasterCard credit card for business (such as the Ink Bold), then you qualify for this program. Easy Savings Details about the MasterCard Easy Savings program…

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Turn your Amex into Visa and Save $

American Express has some of the most generous rewards cards available.  Some can be used to earn valuable, flexible points (e.g. Amex SPG, Premier Rewards Gold, etc.).  Others can be used to earn elite status as well (e.g. Delta Reserve, Hilton Surpass, SPG, etc.).  The only problem with Amex cards is that many merchants “don’t take American Express” (as Visa commercials like to say).  This can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to meet spending…

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Triple Dip Shopping at Barnes and Noble

Through a variety of tricks, it is possible to stack three discounts when shopping at Barnes and Noble!  Last week I wrote about how I was going to attempt to “double dip” at Barnes and Noble by buying a B&N gift card through an online shopping portal (Ultimate Rewards) and then using the gift card through other portals (Big Crumbs, Mr. Rebates, and EBates).  You can read the full story here.  Well, the results are…

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