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(EXPIRED) Update: $113-$150 profit coin deal next week

Update: PFS has increased its offer to $113.10 over cost (a flat $200 payment). Update: Blog Miles Per Day is now offering at least $150 over cost for this same coin. See more information under “The Deal”. PFS Buyers Club is offering a deal to buy and flip a coin (see what I did there?) from the US Mint next week that could net you an easy $100 win. This deal is small but the payoff is…

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(EXPIRED) PFS Buyers Club: Get ~$1,400 Spend On Credit Card & ~$50 Profit

PFS Buyers Club Palladium Proof Coin

PFS Buyers Club has launched a new offer that can help you earn miles while making a profit on the transaction. There’s some risk involved, but it’s a great way of helping you meet minimum spend and making a few bucks in the process. The Deal Buy Palladium Proof coin from the US Mint for $1,392.45 (inc. shipping) and resell to PFS Buyers Club for $1,443.00. Direct link to deal. Key Terms Must be a…

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