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Plastiq: Visa no longer restricted for rent, taxes, tuition, more

Plastiq, the bill-payment service that lets you use a credit card to make payments that are ordinarily made by check, has announced some big news for those who want to use personal Visa cards for payments: personal Visa cards are no longer blocked for several popular types of payments (including residential rent, taxes, tuition, and more). You may remember that last year, Plastiq began restricting payments to certain types of payees. While the restrictions aren’t…

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[Expired] $4K in fee-free Plastiq payments for new small business users

Plastiq came out with a new offer for small businesses last week and we realized that we hadn’t yet covered it. The short story is that through July 31st, new small business users who sign up for a Plastiq account can earn 4,000 Fee-Free Dollars (“FFDs”) with no initial spending requirement. This one will require speaking to a human, but assuming you can handle that much, this is some easy fee-free spend. The Deal Now through July 31, new small business…

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Plastiq 3x Is Dead Again

Ink Business Preferred

Lazarus has died again. Back in August 2018, we shared the bad news that Plastiq transactions no longer coded as 3x with the Chase Ink Business Preferred card. Greg subsequently shared his suggestions for alternative cards to use with Plastiq. If you decided to ignore those suggestions and continued using the Ink Business Preferred, that paid off as it subsequently started earning 3x again. Well, bad news – at some point early last month, Plastiq…

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Alliant Visa earns no rewards at Plastiq

We’ve received reader reports (and so has Doctor of Credit) that the Alliant Cashback Visa is no longer earning any rewards on Plastiq payments. Whether you’re in your first year of having the card and earning 3% on all purchases or earning 2.5% in subsequent years, you’ll actually earn 0% on Plastiq payments. Personally, I was surprised to hear that people were still using the Alliant card on Plastiq. I stopped using mine when most personal Visa…

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(EXPIRED) Plastiq promo: 1% fee for Mastercards [Widely Targeted]

Plastiq is out with a targeted promo to pay a 1% fee on Mastercard payments. The email has gone out to most Plastiq customers I know, so it seems that it is quite widely targeted. With this promo, you can schedule three payments in a row with a Mastercard (up to $2,000 for each payment) at a 1% Plastiq fee. The Deal Plastiq is sending out a widely-targeted promotion good for a 1% fee when you…

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Plastiq honoring 1.5% glitch promo (even for future payments)

minimum spend requirement easy

We recently reported that Plastiq was (for a very short time) offering all payments made on a Mastercard for a fee of just 1.5%, but it turned out to be a glitch that was not intended to be so widely available. However, if you scheduled future payments during the time when Plastiq was showing a 1.5% rate, there’s good news: Plastiq reached out to us last night to let us know that they will honor…

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[Dead Deal] Plastiq: Pay Reduced 1.5% Fee For Mastercard Transactions

Plastiq Mastercard 1.5% Fee

UPDATE: The system was showing a 1.5% fee in error. That has now been fixed (unfortunately!). Plastiq has launched a new – and as yet unadvertised – promotion offering a 1% discount on payments when using a Mastercard. That means you’ll pay just 1.5% when using a Mastercard which has the potential to be a good deal. The Deal Pay 1.5% fee on all Mastercard transactions with Plastiq. Key Terms Expiry date unknown. Valid on…

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Best cards to use with Plastiq’s 1.5% Mastercard promo

Update: The promotion for which this post was based was an error which has now been fixed.  The promo was intended only for a specific set of targeted users in Canada for Plastiq’s tax season campaign. Plastiq is a service that lets you pay almost any bill with a credit card (read our complete guide here).  Plastiq usually charges 2.5%, but they are currently running an unadvertised promotion where they charge only 1.5% for payments…

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(EXPIRED) New Plastiq promo cuts fee to effective 1.25% [Targeted]

Plastiq is out with a targeted new promotion to earn one fee-free dollar for every dollar spent on a Mastercard through Plastiq though October 31, 2018. Since the normal fee is 2.5%, you’ll pay an effective 1.25% overall (2.5% now and 0% on the matching fee-free dollars later). That could make this worthwhile if you’re working on a spending requirement / retention offer or you just want to pay some bills and can come out ahead with…

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