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COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide (Added Sapphire Grocery Bonuses and more)

Travel rewards credit cards don't have the same appeal during a pandemic.  To keep our business, card issuers have been throwing temporary new perks...
Amex Platinum Discounted Tickets

Great Amex Platinum Discounted Tickets – If You Can Find Them

During our recent Ask Us Anything, one of the questions we received was how to get great value from Membership Rewards points right now. One...
Centurion Lounge

When Will Centurion Lounges Reopen? We Now Have An Answer (For Some Airports)

One of the questions asked during yesterday's Ask Us Anything was when the American Express Centurion Lounges would reopen. We now have a partial answer....

(Update: Now Coding As Wireless) Amex Platinum Credits Can Be Used For Google Fi,...

Update 8/24/20: When writing this post a few months ago, I noted that I was receiving $20 back from Amex each month for my...

New restaurant statement credits w/ new Platinum or Gold card accounts

There are new welcome offers available for new applicants on both the Amex Gold Card and Amex Platinum Card (the "vanilla" flavor) good for 20% back...

$100 back on $100 at Dell with new Amex Offer! [Targeted]

Update: Amex has reached out to indicate that this credit will be available to Platinum card members who enroll by 1/31/21 - so there...

How I’ve been spending my COVID Amex Platinum credits

Don't forget to spend your monthly Amex Platinum credits before the end of this month!  Monthly credits include: $20/month cell services (consumer and business...

Targeted 125K Membership Rewards points offer for $5K spend

7/13/20: Doctor of Credit reports a new round of people targeted for this offer. It's worth taking a second to see if you are...

Morgan Stanley Platinum Card Fee Free (how to earn the $550 Annual Engagement Bonus)

Amex Platinum cards come loaded with high end perks such as airport lounge access, hotel elite status, airline fee rebates, credit towards Uber and...
American Express Platinum Canada

Canadian Amex Platinum Cardholders Can Redeem Membership Rewards For 2cpp

Oh Canada! While American Express has been adding statement credit enhancements to the Platinum card for US customers and businesses, Platinum cardholders north of...

Is it time to get an Amex Platinum Card?

Now that Amex has announced a number of awesome, but temporary enhancements to their Platinum cards, many are wondering if it's time to get...

Business or consumer – does Dell sell stuff you might want?

In this week's Frequent Miler on the Air, Greg and I agreed that the Platinum cards have suddenly become compelling thanks to the recent...

Amex adds great stay-at-home perks to ultra-premium travel cards (this year only)

American Express today announced major new (but temporary) perks for many of their cards.  The most exciting news involves statement credits for several of...

Possible statement credit in place of $15 Uber credit

There have been several data points in various groups and blogs over the past few days indicating that Amex has offered some Platinum card...

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