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Did you survive the Amex 100K clawback?

100K Clawback

Somebody at Amex must have been really pissed that a 100K offer for the Amex Platinum card was erroneously let loose on Reddit back in May.  With similar situations in the past Amex has taken down the offer, but fully honored the deal for those who got in on it.  This time it was different… The first indication that something was wrong was from those who earned the bonus right away and then tried to…

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Platinum vs Reserve vs Prestige

Amex, Chase, and Citibank each offer premium travel cards.  These are $450 per year cards (Update: Only the Chase and Citibank cards still carry a $450 annual fee. That fee no longer applies to the Platinum card. Update 2: All of these annual fees have increased) that aim to justify their huge fees with piles of great benefits.  Which is best? The truth is that each card has different strengths.  Whether any of them are right for…

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My 100,000 point Membership Rewards mistake

Award anxiety

Not long ago I did a little e-victory dance when my wife signed up for a 100,000 point offer for the American Express Platinum card.  Hours after she applied, the application link was taken down.  That offer was never meant to be available to the general public.  Amex responded in an unusual way: they froze the Membership Rewards accounts of many who applied while they investigated those accounts.  My understanding is that while many people…

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How to enroll in Amex presale offers. Don’t miss the next Hamilton (or whatever) opportunity.

Amex presale offers Hamilton

I’ve been waiting a while now for an opportunity to buy Hamilton tickets at a reasonable price.  In New York, Hamilton has long been sold out and resale prices have been through the roof.  I had seriously considered Extreme Stacking my way to cheaper seats (see: Hacking Hamilton), but even quadruple-dip rewards weren’t enough to make the prices reasonable to me. Then, on June 7th, presale tickets became available to Amex Platinum and Centurion cardholders…

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Just under the wire, my wife scores 125K in one day

125K in one day

Currently, Amex is offering 75,000 Membership Rewards points for $3K spend with their Mercedes-Benz branded platinum card.  That’s the highest offer I’ve ever seen for that card.  Even better, Amex briefly offered 100K points after $3K spend for their regular unbranded Platinum card.  Unfortunately, that offer disappeared at around 10:30 ET yesterday morning. Both cards have very high annual fees ($450 and $475, respectively) that are not waived the first year, but they come with…

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Mercedes-Benz Platinum card 75,000 point offer

Valid through: 6/22/2016 American Express offers many different versions of their Platinum cards.  They have their Business Platinum card, their consumer Platinum card, and a number of co-branded versions of the personal Platinum card.  Significantly, each of these is treated as a separate product.  So, if you’ve had a Platinum card before, you can still get the bonus on a new one as long as you haven’t had that particular Platinum card before. Now, for…

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A checklist for securing expedited security, hotel and car elite status, two $200 reimbursements, and more

Platinum Checklist

A bit of good news for Amex Platinum cardholders surfaced yesterday.  First, it was widely reported that Amex Platinum holders are now eligible for free Hilton Gold status.  Second, we learned that a glitch in Platinum card airline fee reimbursements has been fixed.  These developments reminded me of an item on my to-do list: Create a checklist of to-dos for Amex Platinum cardholders. Done. I was originally inspired to create this to-do by a friend. …

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[EXPIRED] Personal Platinum 100K offer spotted in the wild. Who should get it?

In January 2013, I signed up my wife for the Amex personal Platinum card.  At the time, via something called the CardMatch Tool (more about that later), she was targeted for 100,000 points after $3K spend.  Since then, I’ve seen great Business Platinum offers, including the 150K offer I signed up for recently (details here), but I haven’t seen personal Platinum card offers with huge point bonuses.  Until now… Recently I added the CardMatch Tool…

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