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Chase Launches Starbucks Prepaid Card With No Fees

Starbucks Prepaid Card

Chase has launched a new Starbucks prepaid card which is reloadable and has no fees. It’s not a particularly compelling product but could be useful for some, especially anyone unable to be approved for credit cards. Signup Bonus Earn 125 Bonus Stars the first time you use your Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card to load $10 or more to your registered Starbucks Card. Direct link. Earning Details Earn 1 star for every $10 of spend.…

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Starbird? Will the Starbucks prepaid card be the next big thing?

Starbird Starbucks prepaid card

Starbucks has announced that they will introduce a prepaid card by the end of the year.  Will this be the next big thing?  For years, American Express prepaid products, Bluebird and Serve, made it easy to increase credit card spend to earn rewards.  And, for a while, REDbird (the Target Prepaid REDcard) was even better.  Then, Target stopped allowing credit or debit reloads, and then Amex began freezing Serve and Bluebird accounts.  And, we were…

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Connecting the dots: Prepaid cards that allow debit reloads

Which cards allow debit reloads

Following the widespread shutdowns Amex inflicted on Bluebird and Serve cardholders, people are rushing to find alternatives.  There are many manufactured spend opportunities that do not involve prepaid cards, but for those who prefer to stick with what they know, I developed a couple of resources: Best practices for prepaid card manufactured spend Reload Cards with Free Bill Pay The two posts shown above provide key information, but they don’t directly answer the question people…

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Best practices for increasing credit card spend through prepaid cards

prepaid card manufactured spend

Earlier this week, I published “My winter 2016 approach to manufactured spending.”  In that post I mentioned that all 6 of the Serve cards I had been managing were shut down.  And, I wrote: I can load gift cards to any number of other cards for a small fee ($4.95 or less, typically).  Many such cards (Account Now, for example) have free bill pay, so a 1% load fee isn’t the end of the world,…

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