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Price Protection overview by issuer

With the holiday shopping season coming up, one credit card benefit you won’t want to ignore is price protection, whereby you can get a refund from the bank if the item you purchased drops in price. Unfortunately, several issuers have changed their policies or intend to do so shortly, so options are different than they have been in holiday seasons past — so you’ll want to make sure you know the current benefits that apply for…

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Get many Black Friday items NOW at Best Buy

Best Buy has released their Black Friday ad today. The surprising thing is that many of the items are available for purchase at full price today. That’s fantastic because you can take advantage of price protection with your credit card. Buy the item today, fill out a price protection claim with the Black Friday ad, get the difference back. Oh yeah — and earn portal rewards on the full price — including the current Holiday Shopping Bonuses. Santa is…

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