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Google Fi now officially supports new iPhones, Samsung, and more

Today, Google announced that their phone service, previously called “Project Fi” is now out of project status and has been renamed to “Google Fi”.  Even better, they now officially support many more phones than before, including modern iPhones and Samsung phones!  This is particularly exciting to the travel community since Fi supports high speed data roaming around the world for no additional cost. Background regarding Google Fi In the US, Fi primarily uses the T-Mobile…

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Google’s Project Fi abroad. 6 surprises: 3 good and 3 bad.

I’ve been an AT&T mobile customer for many years and, I’ve been happy with the service.  But as I’ve traveled more often outside the country, I haven’t been happy with AT&T’s international pricing.  $9.95 for their International Day Pass doesn’t sound expensive until you go on a two week trip with multiple family members using the service.  Even if not everyone uses the service every day, the charges add up quickly. In a previous post,…

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Cheap Project Fi: $99 Moto G6, $149 Moto X4

Project Fi has great deals on two Motorola phones for Black Friday. If you’ve been interested in trying out Project Fi, this looks like a great deal to get started: Get the Moto G6 for $99 or the Moto X4 for $149 on Project Fi. Greg has been using the Moto G6 on Project Fi and has written about his experiences with it (See: My Google Fi experience so far). If that has intrigued you, this…

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International Roaming Next Steps (I’ll try Project Fi)

A couple of weeks ago I published a roundup of international roaming options that I was considering: International Roaming: AT&T / Verizon vs. Project Fi vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint vs. SIMS vs. Hotspots.  In that post I said that I was going to try out Sprint’s solution since I could get it for a year, for free.  Readers piped in with advice which completely changed my mind.  I’m going to try Google’s Project Fi.  Here’s…

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International Roaming: AT&T / Verizon vs. Project Fi vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint vs. SIMS vs. Hotspots

Pondering international roaming options… My family has been with AT&T wireless for years.  Service has been good, and we locked in an old mobile share plan (a type of family plan) that makes the service relatively cheap for unlimited talk & text, and more than enough high-speed data for the 5 of us on this plan (30 GB per month, plus rollover of unused data from previous month). The problem is that we’ve been traveling…

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