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A tempting resale deal that I’ll pass on

This morning, Greg published a post about the Top 3 ways to earn uncapped profit buying Visa gift cards. When I first got into this game, Manufactured Spending didn’t appeal to me because I hadn’t found those profitable opportunities and didn’t want to pay to MS. I didn’t like paying for points because I had been reselling for years and earning a profit plus points. Also this morning, a number of new Amex Offers came out…

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Avoiding an eBay scammer

Last Monday, I wrote about Six Things I’ve Resold Lately. In that post, I explained my sourcing strategy and shared some recent wins. While reselling has been my main point-accumulation strategy since years ago when I only had a single Capital One Venture card for rewards, it’s not without its pitfalls. This week, we look at someone who tried to scam me over the weekend and how I try to stay ahead. Ebay/Fleabay I’ve been buying…

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Six things I’ve resold lately

Last week, Greg published a post called Increase credit card spend (and get most of it back): What still works September 2017. Some readers might be surprised to hear that I’ve never bought a gift card or made a Plastiq payment to meet a minimum spend. That’s not to say that I don’t buy gift cards and use Plastiq (I certainly do), but I don’t usually have any trouble meeting the opening spend requirements with actual…

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Apple Watch sale at Macy’s, may stack with Discover for 10% back

Macy’s is advertising a “surprise sale” today. Part of the sale is a discount on Apple watches, which should stack with 10% cash back from Discover (which will double to 20% if you’re in the first year of a Discover IT card). That cash back could make these prices a great deal. One note of caution: Most portals explicitly exclude Apple products from earning cash back at Macy’s. Discover doesn’t include that exclusion on its site. I’d suggest taking…

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Credit Card Spend in 2016 and Beyond

Manufacturing Spend

There was a time when the US Mint sold dollar coins online at face value, with free shipping, and allowed customers to pay with credit cards.  The coins were incredibly popular.  People bought the coins in huge quantities, paid with rewards earning credit cards, deposited the coins at local banks, and then used the banked funds to pay their credit card bills.  This deal, for many, was the “manufacturing spend” opportunity of a lifetime.  Unfortunately,…

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