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A faster way to add money to your PayPal account

PayPal register reload

As reported by Doctor of Credit, it appears that PayPal will be replacing reload cards (MyCash cards and MoneyPaks) with a new “load at register” approach.  Before this change it is/was possible to buy PayPal reload cards (either in the form of PayPal My Cash cards or Greendot MoneyPaks) at a store and then reload your PayPal account online using those cards.  Sometimes it has been possible to earn credit card rewards by buying those…

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Amex gift cards double or nothing, bye bye Amazon Payments, and a sign of what’s to come

Hoopla Doopla says “no way” Last week I published a Quick Deal about the cash back portal Hoopla Doopla: “An obvious portal price mistake: 40% cash back for Amex gift cards. Who’s in?”  Their site showed a ridiculously high 40% cash back rate for Amex gift cards.  Since this followed right on the heels of Amex pulling their gift cards out of all portals, there was no doubt in my mind that it was a…

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Mid October Laboratory News

Its been just slightly over a month since I last posted a Frequent Miler Laboratory update (see “The Latest Laboratory News”), but there are a few interesting new nuggets I want to share…       Groupon In August I relayed a report from a reader who succeeded in double dipping at Groupon.  He went through TopCashBack to buy a Groupon gift card, and then went through TopCashBack again to use the gift card.  Both…

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