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ShopAtHome: Earn $5 Bonus When Spending $25 At Participating Retailers

ShopAtHome Portal Bonus $5

The ShopAtHome portal is offering a $5 bonus when spending $25 or more at participating retailers. While not as good as the United portal promotion for larger purchases, this is a good return if you’re spending close to $25. The Deal Make a purchase of $25+ at participating retailers through the ShopAtHome portal and get a $5 bonus. Direct link to offer. Key Terms Expiry date unknown. Purchases made by resellers and/or bulk buyers may…

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Bad blogging and better than 5X loan payments

UPDATE 11:30 am EST: ShopAtHome dropped their cash back rate for Staples from 7% to only 3%.  Ugh. Bad blogging In general, the mechanics of blogging are quite easy.  I use a blog editor called Windows Live Writer.  I write a post.  I add a category and some tags and then set the scheduled post date and time.  Then I press “Publish”.  Done.  Usually.  Somehow I messed up twice in two days. On Sunday, I…

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JCPenney gift cards 30% off!

Today and tomorrow Cardpool is offering JCPenney gift cards at 30% off!  Once you have the gift cards, you might want to go through ShopAtHome which currently offers 10% back on all JCPenney purchases until June 24!   Buy / sell If you’re thinking of buying and selling these gift cards, take a look at my not so good experience (see “Gift card churning gone wrong”).  I’m still sitting on some of the 25% off…

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Today only: big savings at OfficeMax

ShopAtHome is currently offering 10% cash back for OfficeMax purchases made today! I was just chatting with Rene’ (DeltaPoints) about his OfficeMax post, when I stumbled upon this ShopAtHome deal.  You can stack multiple discounts as follows: Go through ShopAtHome for 10% cash back! Use the coupon code SHOPATHOME20 to get 20% off (make sure to use this one instead of the OfficeMax BIGDEALS code to ensure your 10% cash back) Pay with your Amex…

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JC Penney gift cards 25% off today and tomorrow only

I just received an email from CardPool telling me: For the next 48 hours, you can get JCPenney Gift Cards for 25% off! This is a great deal if you’re interested in buying things from JC Penney.  Otherwise, If you’re interested in working off a credit card minimum spend, it looks to me that you can buy and sell these for a fixed 2% loss as follows: UPDATE: CURRENTLY PLASTIC JUNGLE IS ONLY OFFERING 65%…

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Bad news for gift card churning

I’ve reported before that it is possible to increase credit card spend by buying and selling discount gift cards.  You can see more in the post “Gift cards: buy low, sell high, get cash back.”  To make many of these deals work, you need to get extra cash back when buying and selling gift cards.  One of the best options has been to go through TopCashBack to PlasticJungle.  Currently, TopCashBack gives 2% back for gift…

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Midday News

In case you somehow missed it, today only you can buy a $10 Amazon gift card for only $5!  Hat Tip to (I would have provided a link, but her site appears to be broken right now).  View the deal here: (or any other Amazon Local location). Reader John W tipped me off about an awesome cash back site called TopCashBack which offers better cash back rates for gift card purchases and resales…

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Gift cards: buy low, sell high, get cash back

Updated 5/7/2013 with new cash back rates In a previous post, I showed that it was possible to increase credit card spend (and thus earn points and miles) by buying and selling discounted merchant gift cards. See “Churning merchant gift cards” for more information. If you’re interested in doing this, it’s helpful to have a “cheat sheet” showing where to go for the best deals. When looking to do gift card arbitration (buy low, sell…

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Churning merchant gift cards

Buying and selling discount gift cards is a good option if you are looking to increase credit card spending in order to qualify for sign-up bonuses, gain bonus miles or elite status from high spend, or simply to earn credit card rewards (cash back, miles, points, etc.).  In the post “Top 20 best value gift cards” I showed that it is sometimes possible to buy gift cards for the same price or less than you…

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