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Evening News

ShopAtHome Using the ShopAtHome cash-back portal, I tested the approach of getting 1.6% back for selling gift cards to  Amazingly, not only did this work, but I received 1.6% of the gift card’s face-value which is more than 1.6% of the amount I sold the gift card for!  Has anyone else tried this?  I’m curious whether this was a mistake on their part? By the way, I received a check from CardPool just a…

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How to buy Ultimate Reward points for 1.05 cents

UPDATE: Once you factor in shipping charges, the real cost per point is 1.1 cents.  See comments section for details. Barnes & Noble is currently running a promotion in The Ultimate Rewards Mall in which they’ll give 10 points per dollar for purchases (including gift cards).  At the same time, the American Express OPEN Savings program (which comes with American Express business cards) gives 5% back for Barnes & Noble purchases.  If you have an…

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