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Why Chase shutdowns have increased and how to avoid them

Chase Shutdown

Reports continue to trickle in from people who report that Chase closed down all of their accounts.  This often happens soon after opening a new Chase card.  Sometimes it happens after making a single very large purchase.  Sometimes it seems to be triggered by an abrupt increase in spend overall. When people ask Chase why they were shut down, Chase often refers to the large number of accounts they opened (not just with Chase) in…

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Amex financial review from adding authorized users

In my recent post “Planning my Amex Offers portfolio,” I described my plans of ensuring that I had at least one of each type of Amex card (Membership Rewards vs. Other; Personal vs. Business) and that I would add a handful of authorized users cards to each of these so that I’d be well positioned for Amex Offers. In response, a number of readers declared that adding a bunch of authorized users would lead to…

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