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What happened to Missing from Portals

UPDATE 2/21/2016: Portal Rewards are Back Recently, became the place to buy Visa gift cards.  With Simply Best Coupons offering 1.5% cash back and iCoupons offering 1.6% cash back, one could get back all of the purchase fee and most of the shipping fee when buying $500 Visa gift cards. Now, though, if you look for on Simply Best Coupons, you’ll see that they aren’t offering any cash back: I found the same…

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Low fee $500 Visa gift cards online after rebate (now 1.6% back)

$500 Visa gift cards online

UPDATE 2: A new portal named iConsumer is currently offering 1.6% cash back at I tested and received email confirmation the next day. UPDATE: The cash back rate for at Simply Best Coupons has dropped to 1% regardless of whether you go through the “Visa Gift Cards” or “” links. I stumbled across something interesting the other day. (which sells $500 Visa gift cards online) is available through Simply Best Coupons portal. …

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Is there hope for Amex gift card rebates?

Amex gift card rebates

Buying Amex gift cards through cash back portals had been a key part of my strategy for increasing credit card rewards.  When buying Amex gift cards, it was possible to earn credit card rewards for the purchase, plus a cash profit from the portal that well exceeded gift card fees and shipping costs.  Please see “My Amex gift card strategy” for more details about how I used to use Amex gift cards. Unfortunately, in August,…

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Amex Business Gift Cards 2% cash back. Today only

Simply Best Coupons has temporarily increased the payout rate for American Express business gift cards to 2% today only (June 5). If you don’t already have a Simply Best Coupons account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here. Notes Do not use a promo code to reduce gift card fees or for free shipping since that will invalidate your cash back (the Premium Shipping Plan is fine, though). Do not…

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Up to 2.1% on Amex Business Gift Cards – Tomorrow Only

The Simply Best Coupons shopping portal will be paying out 2% for the purchase of American Express Business Gift Cards tomorrow only. Performance Bonus Just like the last time they ran this deal, Simply Best Coupons is going to be paying a performance bonus. It works like this: If you spend $20K+ on that day – we will deposit 5% bonus by 7/3/15 – which will bring your cash back rate to 2.1%. Based on…

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