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SoFi Money Giving 40% Off Netflix, Not 20%

SoFi Money Netflix

SoFi Money is making it rain stream. We previously reported that they were offering 20% cashback on Netflix until May, then they came out with a new promotion offering 20% cashback on many different types of streaming entertainment, as well as DoorDash. I’d assumed that the first promotion had simply been rolled into the second one, extending the expiry date of the Netflix offer to June 30. It turns out that I was wrong and…

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SoFi Money Offering 20% Back On DoorDash & Streaming Entertainment

SoFi DoorDash Streaming Entertainment

Update: This stacks with the other SoFi Money deal for Netflix. That means you can save 40% on Netflix overall. ~ SoFi has launched a new promotion that’s helpful given people’s increased usage of streaming services and food delivery right now. Until the end of June, they’re offering 20% cashback when paying for DoorDash and most of the main streaming services with your SoFi Money account. The Deal Earn 20% cashback when paying for the…

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(EXPIRED) Win $5 to $50K in stock with SoFi app

If you have a SoFi account, it’s time to open up the app and scroll down to find the chance to win up to $50,000 in stock (see the image above).  It seems like everyone wins something.  I only won $5 worth of stock, but even that’s pretty good for the 5 seconds of time it took me to get it.  Most people I’ve heard from say they won $10.  One Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook…

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[Update] Easy money: SoFi Money & SoFi Investing new account / referral bonuses

Update March 2020: The SoFi Money bonus requirements have changed and are updated below. Update 2/12/20: SoFi Investing has significantly increased the funding requirement for the Investing bonus. To earn the $100 SoFi Investing bonus, you’ll need to fund your new account with $5,000. While a $100 bonus for merely depositing $5K (without any requirement to invest that money and no stated minimum timeframe to keep it invested once you get your free stock) is…

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(EXPIRED) Get 20% back on Lyft with SoFi Money debit card

SoFi Money is offering 20% cash back on Lyft Rides between 11/20/19 and 2/18/20 when you set your SoFi Money debit card as your default payment method in your Lyft account (up to $1,000 cash back). That’s a potentially great offer since it should stack with other promos / partnerships with Lyft. The Deal SoFi Money is offering 20% back on Lyft rides when you add your SoFi Money debit card to your Lyft account and set…

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New SoFi Investing bonus: $100 in free stock + $100 per referral

SoFi has been aggressively recruiting new customers, recently offering great bonuses for new account openings and then following it with a $100 bonus for setting up direct deposit. Now they have increased both the referral and welcome bonuses for SoFi Active Investing, though they have also increased the minimum deposit to trigger the bonus. Those who sign up for new Investing accounts through a referral will get $100 in free stock after depositing $1,000 within 14 days of…

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How to find your SoFi referral links

Yesterday, we posted what might be the runner-up for deal of the year: SoFi Money is offering a totally fee-free cash management account with a debit card that rebates ATM fees worldwide and when you sign up through a referral and deposit $100, you get a $50 new account bonus (See: Easy money: SoFi debit card new account / referral bonuses for more details). Furthermore, you get $100 for every person you refer who opens…

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