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Amazon Local Register joins Square and shuts me down

In some of the earliest posts on this blog in 2011, I wrote about the best ways of manufacturing spend through the use of Square.  Square is a device that connects to your smartphone or tablet and lets you accept credit card payments for a flat 2.75% fee.  While this isn’t cheap, it can make sense for people trying to meet minimum spend requirements.  And, it can be a really good deal for those buying…

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When easy debit card rewards become hard

A few weeks ago, I published “Easy debit card rewards, from home.”  In that post, I described how one could use Bluebird and Square Cash to easily manufacture up to $142,000 in spend per year on mile-earning or cash back debit cards.  It turns out that “easy” may not have been quite the right word. Following my written advice, I setup my rewards debit card to load $100 to my Bluebird account every day for…

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Easy debit card rewards, from home

Debit cards are increasingly becoming the easiest way to earn rewards.  The hard part is obtaining a debit card that offers miles or cash back.  The easy part, then, is earning rewards.  Here are a few options for earning debit card rewards without stepping out of your house… Square Cash Square Cash is a new service that lets you quickly and easily pay anyone over email.  To send money to a friend, simply send them…

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Turn bank gift cards into cash

I’ve written many posts showing how to earn points or cash back when buying bank gift cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, or Amex gift cards).  For some examples, see (“5X everywhere!,” “Turn your Amex into Visa and Save $,” and “Almost too good to be true”).  Buying gift cards can be a great way to earn extra points and to meet minimum spend requirements.  The problem is that even though these gift cards are like money,…

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How to meet credit card spend thresholds without breaking a sweat

Credit card sign-up bonuses these days are amazing: 40,000 miles! 50,000 points! 75,000 miles! And so on. A person can rack up close to a million points a year by signing up for these deals and meeting sign-up requirements. If you’re like me and you apply for and are approved for a bunch of credit cards all at once, your first reaction may be something like “Whoo hoo!” But, a few minutes later, reality will…

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