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(EXPIRED) Switch From Verizon To T-Mobile & Get Up To $650 Per Line While Keeping Phone

T-Mobile logo

T-Mobile has launched a promotion called Get Out Of The Red that’s offering Verizon Wireless customers up to $650 per line when switching to them. While up to $650 per line is a fairly common incentive that phone carriers provide, this specific offer seems to be better than normal. That’s because you not only get to keep your device, but you also receive the payment as one lump sum after 15 days of T-Mobile service…

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Porting from T-Mobile to Google Fi? Set your PIN in 2 minutes or less

If you recently got in on the incredible Google Fi deal (See: [DEAD] WOW! Get a Google Fi phone & travel gift card worth the phone’s price), you will need to port a number if you’re a new Google Fi customer. Porting a number requires your account PIN from your previous carrier, which is different from the password you use to login to your account on the website or carrier phone app. It can sometimes…

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International Roaming: AT&T / Verizon vs. Project Fi vs. T-Mobile vs. Sprint vs. SIMS vs. Hotspots

Pondering international roaming options… My family has been with AT&T wireless for years.  Service has been good, and we locked in an old mobile share plan (a type of family plan) that makes the service relatively cheap for unlimited talk & text, and more than enough high-speed data for the 5 of us on this plan (30 GB per month, plus rollover of unused data from previous month). The problem is that we’ve been traveling…

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Ouch: T-Mobile discontinuing ONE Plus International in a few hours (on 8/10/18)

One Mile at a Time reports that T-Mobile is overhauling plans and eliminating the ONE Plus International plan tomorrow (Friday, 8/10/18). To be clear, they aren’t getting rid of international access — but this is the plan that my wife and I use and I find it valuable enough that I really hope it stays grandfathered for the foreseeable future. If you read this post and you are interested in the ONE Plus International add-on, you can…

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(EXPIRED) T-Mobile Tuesdays: $2 Baskin-Robbins GC, Free Movie, Free Bag & More

T-Mobile Tuesdays Baskin-Robbins

It’s time for T-Mobile Tuesdays and there are several free items for you to claim in-app this week. The Deals & Key Terms $2 Baskin-Robbins Gift Card Claim in-app by April 18, 2018 at 4:59am ET. Redeem by April 24, 2018 at 4:59am ET. Vudu – Free Movie Rental Claim in-app by April 18, 2018 at 4:59am ET. Redeem by April 18, 2018 at 4:59am ET. Code is for a free movie rental or purchase…

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T-Mobile’s free int’l service keeps me around

Over the summer, I made a switch to T-Mobile that I thought would probably be temporary. After my recent trip to Europe and experience with T-Mobile’s international service (and a number of other recent T-Mobile enhancements), T-Mobile has become too good to leave. As a frequent traveler, I think T-Mobile’s strengths are so strong as to make dealing with its limitations worthwhile. Making the switch Until this summer, it had been more than a decade…

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Free Netflix subscription, Pandora Premium 90-day trial with T-Mobile

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been with T-Mobile for a few months now with intentions to leave — but they keep adding to the value and making it difficult to jump ship. Today, T-Mobile has begun offering a free 2-screen Netflix subscription to all T-Mobile subscribers with 2+ lines on a T-Mobile ONE plan (notably excluding the 2-for-$100 plan and the T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan). That’s a value of $9.99/month. And if you want a…

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Huge hotel discount with T-Mobile Tuesday

Today’s T-Mobile Tuesday giveaways include a discount at HotelStorm that is showing some huge value on certain properties/dates. My first search showed an example hotel that is $200 less than the next best price for a single-night, refundable rate. This one is worth a look. The Deal Huge discounts through HotelStorm and T-Mobile Tuesday (advertised as 25% off or more, and I’ve definitely found more than 25%) Key Terms Must be a T-Mobile customer Must “claim” the…

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