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Some hot deals around the ‘net

As today is Amazon Prime Day, retailers from A to Z are doing their best to steal your attention away (see what I did there?). Here is a collection of some of the deals — both on Amazon and around the web — going on today. Note that I have not done extensive research on these, they were just deals that caught my eye and I thought readers may find useful. Most of these came from watching Slickdeals…

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Free $5 ToysRUs promo gift cards from Gyft

The gift card seller Gyft is offering a free $5 ToysRUs promo gift card (valid through 1/31/2015) for one every gift card purchased, as long as you pay with Google Wallet.  Update: Limit one per account.  Also try code FDFAMILY for $5 off $25 gift card (thanks Lantean). Gyft offers a wide variety of gift cards, with many starting at just $10.  With this deal, you can buy a $10 Amazon gift card, for example,…

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$100 ToysRUs gift card for $85

While supplies last: Through eBay, GiftCardMall is offering $100 ToysRUs gift cards for only $85.  Limit 2 per eBay account. Maximizing the deal: Shop through a portal for up to 1.5% cash back. Use gift card in-store to buy Amazon Kindle gift cards (which are good for anything at Amazon).  NOTE: It is rare to find Kindle gift cards in-stock. There have been rumors of eBay gift cards reappearing at some grocery stores.  Use a…

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Gift Card Upgrade Results

Frequent Miler Laboratory experiments continue to roll on with a surprising amount of success.  In the post “Laboratory Preparations” I described a number of experiments that were being launched.  In each case, the goal was to see if I could take a merchant gift card and use it in-store to buy a different merchant’s gift card.  In other words, could I effectively upgrade one gift card to another?  One reason for testing this is to…

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