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Citi Prestige trip delay devaluation: from 3 hours to 6 hours

A reader reports receiving a pop-up notification when logging into her Citi account with bad news: Citi Prestige Trip Delay coverage is changing from a 3 hour minimum delay to a 6 hour minimum delay. That changes the benefit from being the best in the industry to just being as good as other premium cards. Additionally, the benefit has changed from covering you and your travel companions to you and your family members. Whereas others traveling with…

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My $500 trip delay claim with Citi Prestige

Update: Citi is now denying claims based on a missed connection (like the one outlined in this post) unless your leg arrived more than 3 hours late. See: The Fine Print: Fighting Citi Prestige’s ‘Trip Delay’ Shenanigans for a more detailed update. Greg has recently written several posts on travel insurance offered by various premium credit cards (See: Travel Insurance Showdown: Reserve vs Prestige vs Platinum). Many cards offer what sounds like generous protection benefits on the surface, but…

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