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The promo of the year lives on

Sears quadruple dips

UPDATE 9/14/2015: Updated experiment results listed below This year’s best promotion has little to do with airline miles or hotel points.  Instead, it comes from Discover.  In particular, Discover promises to double all cashback earned for 12 months by new Discover It cardholders.  This is a nice perk for those who would otherwise earn 1% cashback from the card for regular spend and 5% cashback for spend within Discover It’s rotating 5% categories.  This is…

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Double dipping Discover’s 3rd quarter categories

Double Dip Discover

Thanks to Discover’s offer to double all cash back for a year, their quarterly 5% categories are more interesting than ever.  Now, instead of earning 5% for those categories, cardholders enrolled in the Double Cash Back offers, will ultimately earn 10%. This quarter, July through September, Discover is offering 5% cash back for up to $1500 in spend at Home Improvement Stores, Department Stores, and  For those enrolled in the Double Cash offer, this…

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Plinking Sears

Last week, in the post “Plinking gift cards” I described the rewards program called Plink, and I showed that it should be possible to get the equivalent of a 6% rebate when buying $50 gift cards from Kmart or Sears.  I have since had a chance to test a few things with Sears and Kmart and can now report some new details. Buy from Sears, reward from Kmart Plink offers both Sears and Kmart as…

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Triple dip anywhere

I’ve written before about how you can use the Chase Ink card to get 9 points per dollar when buying gift cards.  The idea is to “double dip” by starting in the Ultimate Rewards Mall and then using your Chase Ink to buy gift cards at  The Ultimate Rewards Mall will give you 4 points per dollar, and the Ink will give you 5 points per dollar (because the new Ink cards give 5X…

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Chase Sapphire: 43% off Land’s End Purchase + Free Shipping!

For those of you who love to get stuff from Land’s End, here’s an outstanding deal.  If you shop Land’s End online by going first through the Mr. Rebates shopping portal, you can get 30% off the highest regular priced item, free shipping, AND 5% cash back.  But it gets even better (much better):  If you have a Chase rewards card with access to Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Mall, you can get an additional 12.5% back…

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