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New “Activate Offers” from Visa SavingsEdge

I’ve written before about the Visa SavingsEdge program (see: Stacking Rewards via business card spend).  The basic idea is that you enroll your Visa business cards in this program and automatically get statement credits for spend with select merchants.  That part hasn’t changed except that they now refer to these as “Everyday Offers”.  But they do have something significant and new: Activate Offers. Activate Offers “Activate Offers” are special offers which need to be activated…

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Stacking rewards via business card spend

Visa, and Mastercard offer extra savings for business card holders with select merchants including gas stations, restaurants, hotels, car rental companies, and more. It’s often possible to stack these discounts with credit card category bonuses. And, in many cases, you can earn more rewards by …

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