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The Stephen Pepper Episode, a card not to overlook, a tool you should use, and more

When the cat is away, the mice will play: with Greg on vacation this week, our podcast has a special guest. Our very own Stephen Pepper joined me this week to discuss his 5-year, 50-state road trip. We talked about places he didn’t expect to love, challenges he hadn’t known before planning to spend every night on the road for five years, and whether or not he’d recommend his lifestyle to others. Unfortunately, with our…

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Hacking Asia Miles, why the Ritz deval may be good, updated guides and more

This week’s episode of Frequent Miler on the Air is currently available in podcast format only (a technical issue has delayed publication of the video for now), so download from your favorite service to hear us talk about hacking the Asia Miles distance-based award chart, why Greg thinks the no-notice devaluation on the Ritz card may be a good thing, the question of the week, and more. Look on the bright side: if Greg made…

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Lighting $100 on fire w/ CSR, Marriott’s midnight magic trick, and more

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Greg’s worst prediction ever the soon-to-be increased annual fee on the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Is it a deal-breaker? In Frequent Miler on the Air this week, I ironically argue that the increase is not a deal-breaker. I like the benefits being added — at least for now. Also see us discuss our disgust with Marriott’s latest sneaky play, which ultra-premium card we’d keep if we could only…

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Time travel, Companion Pass value, elite status in 2020 and more

2016 predictions

Greg, Stephen, and I each took a peek into the future of miles & points, but we didn’t quite see eye to eye. Stephen tried to pad his numbers for next year’s review by predicting that Marriott would have poor promotions, but then he made one prediction that was so far off that I called him out with a bet this week (I look forward to a free breakfast on Stephen during an IHG stay…

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Naughty & Nice in review, MSing in volume, & don’t forget to tie up your loose ends

In this week’s Frequent Miler on the Air, we review our naughty & nice lists, debating whether Marriott really has been naughty this year, why AA shutdowns didn’t make our naughty lists, and more. This week’s reader question (at the end of the broadcast/podcast) was about volume MS, which we tackle in general terms and with some of the necessary caveats. Watch, listen, or read on for this week in review. FM on the Air…

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Greg’s credit card cuts, stitching awards together, Marriott elite plans and more

Which of Greg’s credit cards should get the boot in order to make room for the one keeper card he doesn’t have? Find out if you agree with my answer, hear about how to mitigate risk when stitching together a value-priced award, and hear us out on our 2020 Marriott plans on this week’s Frequent Miler on the Air. We also talk about the latest method to bypass 5/24 and a credit card that got…

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AA shutdowns, how we cause devaluations, college credit cards, and an unfortunate glitch

This week’s Frequent Miler on the Air broadcast is a bit unique: due to a technical glitch, our audio recording got cut off just over half way through. Therefore, if you download the podcast form this week, you’ll hear about 2/3 of the topics originally discussed. That is to say that in the podcast below, we talk about AA shut downs, the cause of program devaluations, and whether Greg is doing more harm than good in…

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Are AA’s web specials and Hyatt’s re-val good news or bad? Is Kiva dead to us? All that and more.

This week in our Frequent Miler on the Air broadcast, we discuss recent changes at American Airlines and Hyatt that Nick views as devalutations (that may be bigger than initially announced). Greg, on the other hand, argues why the changes may present some opportunities for great value. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Also, are we done with Kiva? Those topics and more here and below. FM on the Air…

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Easy money, easy elite nights, earning more rewards and more

In this week’s reader feedback section, we address what there’s left to say about that Mint coin deal and we talk easy ways for you to pick up more credit card spend without picking up debt. We also touch on the easy money you’re (probably) leaving on the table from the banks and why you should be motivated to go after more of it. That and more in our weekly Frequent Miler on the Air…

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