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Which credit card should you use to pay your cell phone bill?

If you told me 7 or 8 years ago that I would one day buy a cell phone that costs a thousand dollars, I’d have never believed it. Mobile phones have gotten very, very expensive. Banks have responded to that trend and these days a number of rewards credit cards offer some type of cell phone insurance when you pay your monthly bill with your credit card. Free coverage beats paying for it monthly from…

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What are the cards everyone is ignoring?

The past few days and weeks, there is no doubt that the newly revamped Citi Prestige Card and Amex Gold Card and their effect or lack thereof on the Chase Sapphire Reserve have been top-of-mind and front-and-center in discussion for miles and points enthusiasts (and for good reason: benefits are strong and apply to a wide range of customers). However, at the Chicago Seminars last weekend, a question came up during the closing panel that…

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(EXPIRED) 10-40% cash back with Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards

Wells Fargo has targeted offers out to get 10-40% cash back at select retailers via Go Far Rewards. These offers are targeted, so different customers will find different percentages when logging in to their Go Far Rewards account. These expire within a few days, so you’ll want to log in to check for offers if you have a Go Far Rewards account. The Deal Targeted offers via Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards for 20-40% back at the…

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(EXPIRED) $500 signup bonus on the Wells Fargo Business Platinum

There is a new $500 cash back signup bonus available on the Wells Fargo Business Platinum — though that bonus is only available if you choose the cash back rewards structure. This is a nice signup bonus if you’re looking for cash back — or this card may alternatively be interesting if you have a large balance of Wells Fargo rewards points. Read on for some brief analysis. The Offer Get $500 cash back bonus when you spend $5,000…

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Wells Fargo caps 5% back at $12.5K in purchases

Over the weekend, Wells Fargo updated the application pages for two popular cards to reflect a new cap on purchases that earn a special bonus during the first six months. The Wells Fargo Visa Signature now offers 5X on up to $12,500 in gas, grocery, and drugstore purchases in the first 6 months and the Wells Fargo Rewards Card now offers the same 5X on up to $12,500 in gas, grocery, and drugstore purchases in the first 6…

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A card I wrongly ignored

Wells Fargo 5X

I don’t know how I missed this.  Last weekend I was at the “West Coast DO,” which was a meet-up primarily for people interested in manufacturing spend.  At the DO, there was naturally a lot of talk about the semi-demise of the old Amex Blue Cash card (see “Amex shuts down “old” Blue Cash accounts”).  During one of many enlightening conversations, one person told me that his Wells Fargo Visa Signature card gets 1.75 cents…

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More Citi fun; How to repair a broken phone for free; IHG awesome free nights; and 5 for San Diego

Random thoughts today… Citi refuses to take my money This is the ongoing saga of my attempt to signup for a Citigold checking account (see this post and this post).  I called yesterday to check on the application status and was told that my application had been declined.  They couldn’t tell me why over the phone but promised that a letter would be sent to my address.  This is weird.  I never thought I would…

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Distance based earning from Citi, less 5X from Wells, Southwest wackiness, gift card woes, and gift card deals

Distance based mileage earnings live on The big news this week was United’s announcement that mile-earnings from flying will change from a distance-based to a revenue-based scheme as of March 1 2015.  The details are virtually identical to Delta’s changes that will take place as of January 1 2015 (see “Am I the only one happy about Delta’s announced program changes?”).  Basically, instead of earning miles based on how far you fly, you will earn…

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