How Much MS Do You Need, a 90,000 Point Mistake, Getting 4 BofA Cards in One Day & More!

Welcome to the Frequent Miler Week In Review series. Every Saturday we recap what you might have missed from Frequent Miler during the week and bring you some of the best posts from around the web. Enjoy! This Week From Frequent Miler Yes, you can cancel your Club Carlson card after booking Bonus Award Nights – An answer to a frequently asked question and predictions for what is coming in the future. Last call for FTU and…

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Bet You Didn’t Know: A shared secret about Amex credit pulls, plus an Offersbot update

amex credit pull

By Julian, author of Devil’s Advocate…   One of the things I love about writing both this series and my Devil’s Advocate column over at Travel Codex is how often people are willing to selflessly contribute ideas and tips to share with the community. It’s great to have such resources since I can’t possibly know about everything that exists out there. For instance, yesterday saw the release of the new “Star Wars” trailer. I don’t get too worked…

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420,000 miles closer to Necker Island

420K closer to Necker Island

Today I applied for four identical Virgin Atlantic credit cards.  The cards are advertised as if they have a 90,000 mile signup bonus, but I think that’s misleading.  15,000 of the 90,000 miles are from the annual anniversary bonus for spending $25,000 in one year on the card.  And, this bonus is available to all cardholders – it is not tied to this signup offer.  I prefer to think of this offer as a 75,000…

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Misleading portal deal details: how to make sense of them

You would think that email promotional advertisements would be pretty straightforward, right?  You would think that the vendor would want you to know if the deal being offered was good only for today, right? With online shopping portals, though, the email ads are almost always misleading.  The ads may not be intentionally misleading, but almost everyone I know (including me) has made the same mistake I’m about to describe… Take a look at an email…

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Tying loose ends: Prestige 4th night, 5X everywhere, retrieving points, Necker Island

Necker Island Turtle

Today I have a grab bag of follow-ups from previous posts… Citi Prestige 4th Night Fee Hotel Benefit One nice perk of the Citi Prestige card is the ability to book a four night hotel stay, pretty much anywhere, and get the fourth night free.  I wrote about my experience in booking such a stay back in January (See: Using the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit).  I completed the stay on March 3rd and…

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My 90,000 point Ultimate Rewards mistake

You know that sinking knot in the pit of your stomach feeling when you realize you just made a big mistake?  Yeah, that was me yesterday morning… I keep a spreadsheet of credit cards I’ve opened and closed, and I was doing a bit of housekeeping on the spreadsheet yesterday.  I had recently closed a couple of my wife’s cards, but hadn’t entered the cancellation dates into the spreadsheet.  Luckily, with her Chase Ink card,…

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IHG adds new top tier membership level, but hasn’t yet figured out its name


IHG has just put out a news release about their loyalty program.  We can sum up what we know so far in a few bullets: Beginning July 2015, there will be a new top tier status that is higher than Platinum status. This means that the IHG credit card (which offers automatic Platinum status) will no longer give you top tier status.  The new top tier membership level will require 75 paid nights per year…

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CashBackMonitor adds an awesome new feature. Here’s why you should care.


Over the weekend, CashBackMonitor unveiled a new feature called “Best Rate History”.  Here’s why that’s awesome… Background Online shopping portals are a great way to increase rewards for purchases you plan to make anyway.  The idea is to log into a portal and, from there, click through to an online store to make your purchase.  Portals generally offer either bonus points (or miles) or cash back.  Usually the bonus is based on the purchase price…

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Last call for FTU and how to get to Dallas dirt cheap

Yes, seats are still available for FTU Dallas + get $20 off Frequent Traveler University (FTU) is taking place this coming weekend (April 17-19 2015) in Dallas.  This will be the last general session FTU to be held this year, but I do expect that one or more FTU Advanced sessions will take place before the end of the year.  If you haven’t been to FTU in the past, I do think that the general…

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Yes, you can cancel your Club Carlson card after booking Bonus Award Nights

Quick background: Club Carlson recently announced that Bonus Award Nights, the best feature of their co-branded credit cards, would no longer be available as of June 1 2015.  Instead, they are offering: A one-time 30,000 point bonus for a one night stay (for current cardholders, only); Triple points on stays through the end of August; and a new credit card benefit of a free night at a US property after $10K spend.  Details can be…

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