Lions, Leopards and a Category 1 Marriott — oh my


Long before discovering points and miles as a method to travel, my wife and I had a shared dream trip: a safari. I think it’s the child within — the chance to see lions and leopards and elephants in their natural habitats rekindles the amazement of seeing them on TV for the first time as kids. It’s hard to describe the difference between watching Animal Planet and finding those scenes play out in real life…

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CitiBusiness AAdvantage 50K offer without 24-month language

  CitiBusines has a 50K mile sign up bonus offer out on the AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard that does NOT include 24-month language.  While offers on this card typically exclude those who have opened or closed a CitiBusiness AAdvantage card within the past 24 months, the absence of that language on this offers means you should be eligible for the signup bonus even if you have opened or closed the card within that timeframe.…

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$2500 in fee free credit card spend for business card holders

Plastiq guy on phone

New users of the Plastiq bill pay service can pay up to $2500 worth of bills with a credit card fee-free.  Here are the terms: You must sign up with a referral link from someone who received a targeted business referral offer (more on this below).  I checked with my contact at Plastiq and found that since I wasn’t targeted, my referral link won’t work. You must make a payment of at least $100 by…

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Is it foolish to use hotel cards for everyday spend?

Foolish hotel card spend

In response to my post yesterday about the 150K Marriott offer (see: The 150,000 point offer everyone should avoid) a reader commented “To be fair, people who use hotel cards for their everyday spend are usually fools anyway.” I began composing a reply, but soon realized that my response might be interesting to others so I’m taking the unusual approach of replying via a new post… First, let’s get the obvious out of the way:…

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The 150,000 point offer everyone should avoid

Marriott 150K Offer

Last fall, Marriott began advertising a so-called 150,000 point offer for their Marriott Rewards Premier credit card.  The offer was so clearly inferior to the public 80K offer that I never even wrote about it.  To my surprise, I learned recently that Chase and Marriott are still trying to sucker people in with this offer… False Advertising? First I want to point out that this ad is terribly misleading.  It clearly says that you can…

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Chase Hyatt credit card now offering Explorist status for $50K spend

Chase Hyatt credit card w/ $50K spend gives you Explorist status

Hyatt is now offering automatic mid-tier Explorist status to those who spend $50K on the Chase Hyatt credit card within a calendar year.  Hyatt is also offering this benefit retroactively to those who spent $50K on the card in 2016. Hyatt’s new “World of Hyatt” program kicks in on March 1st.  I’ve previously written about the 5 things I love about the World of Hyatt and 5 things I hate about World of Hyatt.  One…

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[EXPIRED] Today Only: Amazon offering $8.62 off $50. Works with non-Amazon gift cards!

Amazon 8point62

This is a nice deal if you buy exactly $50 worth of stuff.  You should be able to buy $50 by-mail gift cards to Starbucks, Whole Foods, Southwest, Airbnb,, etc.  $8.62 off $50 results in a 17.24% discount.  E-gift cards work too! Don’t forget to start your shopping at JetBlue in order to earn 3 points per dollar!  Also, you should be able to use Amazon credit to pay by switching the payment type…

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Top 10 signup bonuses February 2017. Where’s SPG?

Top 10 where is spg

In December of last year, I unveiled a new page on this site:  Top 10+ Credit Card Offers. This is a sorted list of all of the best credit card offers that we track.  Cards are sorted in descending order by estimated first year value.  By default, only the top 10 are shown, but you can easily click “Next” to see more. I visited the page yesterday expecting to see the new SPG 35K offers…

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Cautions regarding the “4.05%” BB&T Spectrum Rewards Visa.

BBT Spectrum Rewards Visa Caution

Last week I highlighted three cards that seem to offer “The best rewards for $50K spend” based on their first year increased point earning signup offers: the Amex Blue for Business Card, the Discover It Miles Card, and the BB&T Spectrum Rewards Visa. The BB&T Spectrum Rewards Visa appears to offer a way to get 4.05% cash back in the first year (based on spending over $50K in the first 3 months).  But, according to…

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