My 2017 Airline Elite Status Plans: Delta Double Diamond, United Silver, and a possible Companion Pass

Delta elite status

Most people agree that chasing airline elite status is a fools game.  The traditional way of earning and keeping elite status is to fly a single airline often and far.  This often means forsaking better fares with other airlines, or even taking unplanned trips just because you’re close to that next level of status.  For many, it also means that frequent flyer miles go unused.  When you book an award trip, you don’t earn elite…

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Increase credit card spend (and get most of it back). What still works January 2017?

MS What Works Jan 2017 Zoom

There are many reasons you may want to increase credit card spend. You may need to meet spend requirements on several new credit cards in order to earn huge signup bonuses. Or, perhaps you want to earn high level elite status or other big spend bonuses, as I do with Delta. Or, perhaps you simply want to earn extra rewards using cards with big category bonuses, or big rewards for everyday spend. The key to…

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Necker Island award same price, but harder to get

Branson chokes Greg plus thought bubble

After my trip to Necker Island, I learned that Virgin Atlantic was considering increasing the 1.2 million mile award price.  I published the news here: Necker Island award price probably going up. Last call for 1.2 million miles.  Well, I finally got official notice about the change and it’s not what I expected… The good news, for my 3 or 4 readers who were hoping to do this, is that the award price is not…

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