The Fine Print: Who’s To Blame…eBay, PayPal, or Hyatt?

The Hyatt Gift Card Blame Game: Part 1

The following is not legal advice. Please contact the author ( or your own attorney should you have questions. Overture This Who’s to Blame mini-series will serve as a useful illustration of the consumer arbitration process. I will be documenting the steps taken on behalf of my client in order to bring about a suitable resolution. Act I: The Gift Card Order Who does not love Hyatt gift cards? Portals often sell Hyatt Gift Cards…

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How to count your 5/24 status

5/24 status

With the introduction of its unofficial 5/24 Rule, Chase has made life much harder for those who like to frequently sign up for credit cards to get the signup bonuses.  With the 5/24 Rule, Chase denies most application in which the applicant has opened 5 or more cards in the past 24 months. And we’re not just talking about Chase cards here.  All issuers count.  If you’ve never opened a Chase card in your life,…

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How to get approved for the Sapphire Reserve 100K offer [NEW]

Get approved Sapphire Reserve

A few weeks ago I wrote a similarly named post “Get approved for the Sapphire Reserve 100K offer despite 5/24.” Since then, we’ve learned more about how Chase is handing Sapphire Reserve applications, and Chase has discontinued their Special Reconsideration Form for Personal Card Exceptions.  So, I figured that this topic deserved a new post… There’s no question that the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100K offer is awesome. Whether or not it is worth keeping past…

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