1800Flowers Extreme Stacking promo codes, portals, gift cards, and more

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1800Flowers Extreme Stacking
1800Flowers isn’t the cheapest or best place to shop. However, there are times where it’s possible to stack great discounts and promo codes in a way that makes it worth buying from them, for the rewards, even if you don’t want the flowers or other gifts that are delivered.

Promo codes (these do not stack with portals or gift cards)

NOTE: You can only apply 1 promo code per order. Some offers for free shipping or percent discounts are implemented as promo codes so they do not stack with these:

  • Alaska Airlines 25 miles per dollar: AKA3 (expired?)
  • Amtrak 30 points per dollar: AMT56.  Valid through 2/28/18.
  • Amtrak 20 points per dollar: AMT36
  • jetBlue 1750 points per order ($34.99 & up): TB1750. Valid through 2/15/18.  Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion
  • jetBlue 1500 points per order ($29.99 & up): TB1550. Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion. Valid through 2/15/18.
  • Southwest 1000 points per order ($29.99 & up): RR22 (Companion Pass eligible)
  • Southwest 1750 points per order ($34.99 & up): SW45, SW46, SW48, or SW49 (not companion pass eligible). Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards account. Valid through 2/15/18.
  • United: Currently there is an issue where these codes cannot be applied online, but you should be able to get a 1800Flowers sales person to apply the code for you:
    • United 30 miles per dollar: MP63
    • United 20 miles per dollar: MP66
    • United 15 miles per dollar: MP56

Expired codes:

  • American Airlines 20 miles per dollar: A49
  • American Airlines 30 points per dollar. Valid through 5/31/17: A54
  • jetBlue 1750 points per order ($29.99 & up). Valid through 5/10/16: TB1750. Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion.
  • jetBlue 1750 points per order ($29.99 & up). Valid through 5/10/16: TB33. Limit of five (5) orders per TrueBlue member ID / customer for this promotion.
  • jetBlue 20 points per dollar: TB20
  • Southwest 1750 points per order ($29.99 & up). Valid through 5/9/16: RRMD24 (NOT Companion Pass eligible). Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards member ID / customer for this promotion.
  • Southwest 1750 points per order ($29.99 & up). Valid through 2/15/16: RR82 (Not Companion Pass eligible)
  • Southwest 1750 points per order ($34.99 & up): SW27, SW31, or SW35 (NOT Companion Pass eligible).  Valid through 2/14/2017.  Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards member ID / customer for this promotion.
  • Southwest 1750 points per order ($34.99 & up): SW36. Valid through 5/15/17.  Limit of five (5) orders per Rapid Rewards® Member ID / Customer for this promotion
  • United 30 miles per dollar: MP69.  Valid through 5/15/17.
  • United 30 miles per dollar: MP55

Best portal options

Shop through any related brand. A number of brands let you buy from other brands & still earn portal rewards (click links to see best current portal offers): 1800Flowers, 1800Baskets, Fruit Bouquets, Cheryl’s, Fannie May, Popcorn Factory.

Note: If stacking with a credit card offer, make sure to start your shopping on one of the site’s that the credit card offer supports.

Best credit card options

  • Amex: Look for Amex Sync offers (usually Spend $50, get $15).  Note that if you start browsing at 1800flowers and click a tab to another brand to shop (Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.), the payment will be processed by 1800flowers and will be eligible for the Amex Offer.  Also note that Amex Offers usually in practice work with any brand in the portfolio regardless of the details of the offer.
  • Amex Business card: Get an additional 5% back thanks to OPEN Savings.
  • Visa / MasterCard: Register your card with ShopYourWay.com to earn 20% back in ShopYourWay points when you use the card to make a purchase at 1800Flowers or 1800Baskets.
  • Citi AT&T: 3X points for online orders (stacks with ShopYourWay offer, above)

Best options for buying gift cards

Keep in mind that discounted gift cards do not work with promo codes that offer miles and points.  That is, it will appear that the promo code has been accepted, but you are unlikely to earn those points on the portion of the order paid for with a gift card.  Best bet is to use discounted gift cards with great portal offers rather than promo code offers.

  • Discover Cash Back: Redeem $20 Discover cash back for a $30 1800Flowers gift card.
  • Sale: Online gift card merchants (including eBay & Staples) sometimes offer 1800Flowers gift cards at a discount.
  • Groupon / Living Social Deals: Deal sites sometimes offer coupon codes that work similar to gift cards
  • Gift card resellers: It is sometimes possible to buy gift cards at a huge discount through resellers.

See also: Merchant gift cards, best options for stacking deals.

Important: As of May 2017 (possibly earlier),  1800 Flowers stopped awarding promo points/miles when gift cards are used.

Note: You can apply up to 2 gift cards per order online, or up to 5 per order over the phone (unconfirmed).

To apply 2 gift cards online, PLEASE read: 1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to watch out for.

Store rewards

Make sure to enroll in 1800Flowers’ Celebration Rewards program before making any purchases. Celebration Rewards points are earned when buying gift cards or merchandise, but not when using gift cards (this is new as of a year or two ago).

Free Shipping

Free shipping is key to making 1800Flowers’ purchases worthwhile.  There are two options:

  • Celebrations Passport: Buy a free shipping plan from 1800Flowers for $29.99 per year.  Discounts and trial memberships are often available here: www.1800flowers.com/promo-codes.
  • ShopRunner: Enroll in ShopRunner for free with any Amex card (found here).  Unfortunately, ShopRunner free shipping does not stack with 1800Flowers promo codes.

Tax Deductions

According to my accountant, donations to charitable organizations are tax deductible at the price paid.  The fact that the donor will receive miles for the purchase, in his opinion, is not relevant.  Critically, the points would come from 1-800-Flowers, not from the charity.  That is, charity would be able to honestly report that they did not give the donor anything of value in exchange for the gift. Of course, you should check with your own tax advisor for your situation.  Keep in mind that tax deductions are different from tax credits.  Unlike a tax credit, if you spend $30 on an order it will not reduce your tax burden by $30.  The exact amount that it helps reduce your tax burden depends upon many factors that are unique to your tax situation.

Another option for tax deductions is to place orders as a business expense (if you have a business).  Send gifts to customers, employees, etc.

If you would like to contribute healthy food to people in need, I’ve setup a process with a Michigan based food bank named Food Gatherers.  How to donate to Food Gatherers:

  1. Shop 1-800-Flowers (or an associated brand) and find healthy food items (fruit, nuts, meat, fish, etc.)
  2. Ship items to:
    Katie Bye
    Food Gatherers
    1 Carrot Way
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
    Phone: 734-761-2796
  3. Location type: Business
  4. Enter your name in the Card Message box.  For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you could enter: “Donation to Food Gatherers from Jane Doe”.
  5. To request a gift receipt (for taxes), email info@foodgatherers.org after items have been delivered.  Example: “Please accept my donation of 10 boxes of fruit sent separately via 1-800-Flowers, and delivered on February 16th 2016. Sincerely Jane Doe, 123 Cashew Way, Somewhere City, CA 12345.

Extreme Stacking Examples

Increase the chance of getting good stuff

You can increase the odds of getting nice flowers by selecting items that are marked for local florist delivery.  Or, buy from one of their other brands such as Wolferman’s or Harry & David (but not all items qualify for promo codes so consider double-dipping with the portal instead).

1-800-Flowers Extreme Stacking

Miscellaneous Info

  • 2 gift cards can be applied per order online. Up to 5 gift cards can be used over the phone (unconfirmed).  To apply 2 gift cards online, PLEASE read: 1800Flowers: How to apply 2 gift cards per order, and a big bug to watch out for.
  • I no longer recommend using gift cards with promo codes.  One exception: I’ve found that if part of the order is paid with a credit card then the “per order” codes still work and offer good value.  For example, spend $35 with $30 from gift card and $5 from credit card and apply RR22 to get 1,000 Southwest points per order.
  • After clicking through a portal to 1800Flowers.com, you can select another brand from the tabs (e.g. Popcorn Factory, Wolferman’s, Harry & David, etc.).  Just make sure that the URL domain stays 1800Flowers.  For example, if you select Wolferman’s, the URL should look something like: http://www.1800flowers.com/wolfermans-home.  Not all products work with all promo codes, though.
  • Miles earned from promo codes are not credited until after delivery of your order.  So, if you are chasing a Southwest Companion Pass and using a code that is compatible with the Companion Pass (e.g. RR22), then make sure to schedule delivery for the calendar year in which you are trying to earn 110,000 points.
  • Find more tips here.


  1. I ordered 4 $50 gift cards in separate orders to maximize the Amex offers. The gift cards came today, but none of them have any balance whatsoever. Any thoughts? Or do you think this is a one-time glitch?

  2. I just placed a bunch of orders, beginning at ebates and using cards with Amex offers or Shop Your Way, and for each I added in the RR82. It looks like the ebates and Amex offer rebates and Shop Your Way credits are posting, as well as the 1800flowers rewards points, but might this mean that I won’t get the 1750 Southwest points? In short, did going through the shopping portal mean that I won’t get the SW pts?

  3. Is it OK to use a promo code multiple times on multiple orders? Eg: can I place 5 orders for $30 each and receive 5×1750 SW points?
    Thank you!

  4. I am new to this, so a few newbie questions.

    1). How do cash back portals work. Been to there sites but still a little confused.

    2. From your explanation, I don’t have to use my southwest credit card to earn the 1000 points ( toward companion pass) when shopping thru southwest rapid rewards shopping portal. Can use gift cards and wife’s Amex?

    3. Can I shop thru the cash back portals & 1800 flowers ( signed in under my accounts and use my wife’s Amex cards to buy gift cards?

    4. Can I use my wife’s amex card to purchase celebrations passport under my account so I can use for free shipping on my orders that I shop thru southwest rapid rewards shopping portal?

    I would like to thank you in advance for your time and answers.

    Great post…Craig

    • 1. Portals send tracking information to merchants so that when you buy something, the portal gets a commission for leading you to that merchant. The portal, in turn, gives you a reward (cash back, miles, etc.)

      2. That’s correct. You can use any credit card to pay, or pay with a gift card.

      3. Yes

  5. The amex offer terms say $50+ in one order. Are you sure this will qualify for 3 cards, because the one card will have payments of $30, $10 and $10, not $50+ in one transaction

    • My Amex Offer says “one or more transactions”:
      “Get a one-time $15 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $50+ in one *or more transactions* online at 1800Flowers.com by 3/25/2016. See terms for exclusions”

  6. Has anyone confirmed whether the iConsumer portal will pay out cash back for 1-800-Flowers gift card purchases? The terms on the portal now say that gift card purchases are ineligible.

  7. Will you also get ShopYourWay points when redeeming the gift cards if you use a credit card registered with SYW?

  8. I did not receive the 1750 Southwest Rapid Rewards points per order (I placed 11 of them) around Valentines Day. When I inquired, I was told that orders paid with gift cards or celebrations pass awards were not eligible. This totally came out of left field… I’ve had success in the past but what do I do now? I’ve emailed and complained but nothing. $300 gone for some crappy flowers and super expensive nuts.

    • This is what I’ve done in the past to get points that were denied. 1-800-flowers is a google trusted store. Call the # below and say you want your points. If they deny, say you will contact Google Trusted store. 1-800-flowers has teams dedicated to each airline. Ask to speak w/ the Southwest team or whatever airline points you used the code. I made 6 orders on Feb. 9th using Discover cashback. Below is the e-mail response I received today. I called and told them I did not use any of the forms of payment they suggested I used. When they looked on the order, I was told it said I used a gift card. They’re system is flawed. In any event, these were all order in the future and I told them to cancel or give me the points. I’m suppose to get an email in the next hour confirming that I will receive the points (10.5K). If I don’t get it, I’ll call back and say I’m contacting Google Trusted store which has always worked in the past.

      Dear David,

      I’m so sorry for any inconvenience. I have reviewed your orders and found that they were paid for with gift cards, savings passes or Celebrations Rewards passes. I’m sorry but you are not eligible for miles/points on this order.

      We appreciate your inquiry, and look forward to serving your gifting needs in the future.


      Tony Folden
      Loyalty Priority Services

  9. Can I go through Discover Deals and use a giftcard to pay for part of the order?

    Can I go through Discover Deals and use the Southwest Airlines promo code?

    Can I go use the Southwest Airlines promo code and use a gift card?


    • 1. Yes, you can go through Discover Deals and pay with a gift card. I’ve always received cash back this way. BUT: you won’t get help from Discover if anything goes wrong; and if you do it too much there’s a small chance that Discover will claw back your cashback (it has happened to some people, but not to me).

      2. No. If you use a promo code you will not get portal rewards.

      3. Yes, you can pay with a gift card and use a promo code. Note though that some people have reported not getting rewards when doing this while using the code (not currently available) for 1750 points per order. I’ve never had any issues doing this though

  10. FYI: Amex has loaded a new round of 1800Flowers offers to their Offers for You. To take advantage:
    1. Go through portal for 20% back (TopCashBack currently)
    2. Buy $50 gift card
    3. Get back $10 from portal + $15 from Amex (+ $2.50 from Amex if you use a business card)
    4. = 50% off gift cards

    I recommend using a different 1800Flowers account for ordering gift cards than the one in which you order products and have the Celebrations Passport. This is because they once froze my Celebrations Rewards account after I bought a lot of gift cards (even though they did deliver the gift cards).

    • That’s interesting! In the past ShopRunner hasn’t worked with promo codes. So, I’ve never tried the combination. In theory as long as the system accepts the code, it should work, but I’d recommend that you keep a screenshot where it says “promo code accepted” in case you need to fight for the points.

      If you try it, please let us know how it goes!

  11. I just used 3 of my AMEX cards with the 1800Flowers $15 of $50 offer and went through TopCashBack for the added 20% off. It’s been several hours since I’ve ordered and still haven’t received any of the “Great news! You’ve just used your card for this offer…” emails I usually get immediately after using an offer. Then I re-read the terms and fine print and found this…
    “your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant.”
    Is this saying going through portals like TopCashBack disqualifies the purchase from this offer since the order isn’t made DIRECTLY with the merchant? I assume you’ve been successful using a portal so is this something new in the terms or am I just misunderstanding what it’s saying?
    I went ahead and canceled my orders since I’m assuming since I never received any “Great news!” emails from AMEX, I didn’t qualify. I can always order again if I hear differently about this. Thanks for any help!

    • It will work regardless of whether you go through a portal. As long as the purchase shows up on the credit card account as coming from 1800Flowers (or 1800Baskets, etc…) it will work

      • Thanks for the reassurance. Just wondering what they would be referring to with that “directly with the merchant” phrase if not the portals. Oh well, good to know it’ll work regardless.

  12. A little off topic, but I have a lot of $30 1800Flowers gift cards, and it seems all of them say, “The gift card you have entered is not active at this time”. It seems all my cards are doing this. Anyone else run into this issue?

  13. I’m in a hurry to get some AA miles to top off an award. If I remember correctly, when you go through their portal, the miles post in a few days (i.e. if I clicked through and did the 9 mi/$ to use my amex sync offers).
    I believe it’s the case that the promo code miles take much longer to post.
    Could anyone confirm my above two assumptions and/or provide me a better estimate as to how long I can expect the miles to take to post to my Aadvantage acct? Thanks!

    • It’s been a while since I’ve looked into how long it takes, but I think its the other way around. Miles earned through the portal usually take about a month to post whereas miles earned from promo codes post soon after delivery of your order (I don’t think they ever post until delivery has happened).

      • I had it on my to-do list to update with my experience. 🙂
        On April 28th I went through the Aadvantage 9mi/$ link (not the 15 mi/$ promo code), bought a $50 GC with one of my Amex offer cards. Yesterday evening I got the email from AA saying I had earned the miles. It is marked as “Pending” in my account. I’ll update again once they go from Pending to confirmed. The delivery date is May 9.
        I’d still be interested in knowing how long it takes for promo code based earning to post if anyone’s got experience with that.

        • Actually, they seem to be in my Aadvantage account, even though they are still marked as pending in the eShoppingMall acct. ??

        • Great info, thanks for sharing! Clearly we need to run some experiments for the FM Lab to see how long different things take to post. I think that would be incredibly useful for people who need to earn points quickly.

  14. Greg,
    I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this while having it count for a SW Companion Pass. Between the SW Plus & Premier sign up bonuses and a little extra spend I’ve put on the cards, I currently have 105k qualifying points. I’ve loaded the $15 off of $50 Amex offer to my three Amex cards and my two still functional Serve cards. Would the best way to do it be simply making five purchases using these five cards, given that the portal won’t work with the promo codes? This also means gift cards wouldn’t save any extra, right? Just want to confirm all my assumptions.

    • Gift cards would save you money because you can buy those after going through a portal BUT there have been several recent reports of 1800Flowers denying giving points on orders where people paid with gift cards.

      So, the safe thing to do is to pay directly with your Amex cards and apply the promo codes to each order as you suggested.

      • You can use the Discover CB $20 redemption for $30 1800flowers GC and use a promo code. There is absolutely nothing in any of the terms & conditions that state otherwise. 1800flowers tried to deny me doing this but they relented when they could not produce anything in writing. I have an email from 1800flowers that says it was their mistake and I will get the miles.

  15. How many times can you use this:
    Southwest 1000 points per order ($29.99 & up): RR22 (Companion Pass eligible)

    I’ve just bought 3 orders of over $29.99 with the RR22 code but I still need another 2000 points to hit 110,000 points….

    Anyone have experience with using the code more than 3 times?


  16. I used promo code AKA3 for mother’s day on 3 orders and actually received 30 miles per dollar instead of 20 miles. I double and triple checked and the miles awarded were 30 times what my order was instead of 20. Just thought I would share that data point.

    • That’s great! Alaska is unlike the other programs: they use the same promo code regardless of whether they’re currently offering 20 or 30 miles per dollar. And, it doesn’t seem like their website is always up to date with the right info about that.

  17. Greg and Community:

    I want to give 800-Flowers a try with Amex offers. A few questions.

    1) It seems I can go through a portal when a promo for 800-flowers is live until the Amex deal expires 7/17/16. It looks like many of your nabbed an iconsumer promo – they are only 11.2% now. I see that they were 32% and Shop at Home was 36%! Then, best to get a 800-flowers gift card.

    Is there a way to be alerted when some portal puts 800-flowers on promo proactively?

    2) Are these only physical gift cards? I did not see e-gift cards for 1-800 flowers. How long do they take to deliver?

    3) FM reports getting cashback from portals for using gift cards now in his lab or can use promo code such as the AKA3 giving 30 Alaskan miles. Are people getting paid on the 800 Flowers promo codes if using gift cards now, some issues were reported? I see FM used a portal and not promo code when posting success in his lab.

    I gather I can go through a portal and use a promo code to hedge bets or is that an issue….portal does not pay since used promo code and 800 Flowers denies promo due to using gift card.

    Hopefully someone can track what I am saying and clarify. Thanks for your time.


    • 1) CashBackMonitor lets you setup alerts. One caution: once the alert is triggered, it won’t work again so you have to then re-create it. I just subscribe to my own portal alerts and browse each day to see if any memorable stores go up significantly. Make sure to look for both 1800Flowers and 1800Baskets. Both work but the portal rates often differ.

      2) Yes physical. About a week I think

      3) Promo codes restrict which items you can buy. Portals do not. So, I’ll often accept lesser rewards in exchange for being able to buy what I actually want.

      The current state of promo codes with gift cards is unclear. It’s possible that it was only the 1750 points per dollar promo that they restricted.

      I don’t know what would happen if you did both: portal + promo code. My guess is that it would increase your odds of getting rewards, but it is possible that they would reject both.

  18. Just bought my first 1800Flowers gift card.

    So once I’ve loaded the Amex deal onto my card, can I use it multiple times, say to buy a second or third gift card- clicking through my Discover portal again each time?

  19. Ok, I’ll report back on this after my order from today ships, but … it looks to me like buying gift cards earns celebration rewards points, but using them doesn’t anymore. This seems to be a switch from the way things used to work.
    Last time I earned points from spending a gift card was February.

    • Wow, you’re right. In all of my recent orders in which I paid with a gift card the Celebration Rewards points earned were 0 (or a few points were earned if I paid a few dollars above the gift card amount with a credit card). I’ll have to try buying gift cards from this account now to see if they now earn points as you observed. If so, that’s a strange change, but potentially useful in the long run

  20. My SW annual is 69.00 which they give me 3,000 miles or points for the following year. So am I paying 69.00 for 30.00? For 49.00, Chase IHG gives me a free hotel room which could have a 300.00 value. I can purchase gift cards [1,000 @ 8.00 and MS. So 64.00 would get me 8,000 miles or points. Is my math correct? Or is my reasoning faulty? Nate

    • Yes, if I understand correctly you’re saying that it probably doesn’t make sense for you to keep the SW card a second year since you can “buy” miles more cheaply through MS. That’s true. Of course you need a rewards credit card of some type to MS with.

  21. Same argument with Sapphire Preferred. For 95.00, I could buy 22 $500.00 gift cards which will fetch me 11,000 points or miles. Nate

    • Sapphire Preferred has benefits that you might find valuable:
      1. Primary auto rental coverage
      2. Ability to transfer points to airline miles and hotel points

      If you have another premium Chase card (Ink Plus or Sapphire Reserve) then you probably don’t need the Sapphire Preferred.

  22. I maxed out this offer. 1st bought a year of passport w/ a $10 off coupon I’ve been saving from an email 1800flowers sent me a long time ago. I do this every year. If you let passport expire, they send you the $10 after a while. Made four orders using the $20 off $75 using Amex Harry & David offer. Made another order using a Discover bought gift card $40 for $60 GC. They will probably try to claw back the 1750 points but there is no language in the Discover terms that you can’t use a gift card. I did this same deal last Easter, I pulled teeth and eventually got the 5 x 1750. Also, I noticed that when you input the TB1750 code, when it’s accepted it states you qualified for the points by spending $29.95. I didn’t take the chance of spending $29.95 but instead spent $34.95 that the terms state on the landing page. One order was not delivered on time which happens often so I called and received the same order delivered again and a $20 savings pass. Do not hesitate to call and complain if there is an issue. They will always resend & give you a $20 savings pass.

  23. Now there is UA 30x through portal (not code). Will that work on purchasing gift cards? I’ve only seen results for cb portals in the frequentmiler lab.

  24. Earn 1750 Rapid Rewards Bonus points per order $34.99 minimum purchase. Promo Code SW35. Limit 5. I saw this offer banner last week when I used Southwest in flight wifi.

  25. Should I be concerned? I used RR22 and I just got an email from southwest shopping saying I earned 7 points per dollar x29.99 so 210 points! Supposed to be 1000 per order. Is this normal? Will the 1000 points post later?

    • It sounds like you clicked through from the Southwest portal when you made the purchase. If you also applied RR22, then that should trump the portal. What will most likely happen is that you’ll later get 1000 points and then your 210 points will be clawed back.

  26. quick question

    united offering 30 miles/$ purchase from portal and RR55 can give u 30 miles/$ order on 800-flowers . Both of these stackable ? other words if I order a 50 $ item will I get 1500 points + 1500 points I.e total 3000 points ? Please advise

    • No, they aren’t really offering 30mi/$ through the portal. It just looks like it. That’s really the same thing as the promo code, and you’d need to enter it to get the miles.

  27. Is there an easy way to search for gifts that are allowed by the various promo codes (in this case, the Amtrak one)? I’m getting fed up with trial-and-error, if anyone has more efficient ideas 🙂

    • Do we know what works for the airline promo codes? I tried a bunch of items (no special sales items) on H&D and none of them is valid with MP66 or AKA3. Bummer.

      Also when I purchased 1-800 Flowers GC directly from them with my AMEX cards and through TopCashBack portal, no cashback of these GC purchases posted. Contacted TCB and was told I used a promo code. Tried rebuttal and TCB refused to investigate further. Anyone has the same experience?

      • In most cases I list the promo codes along with a promo-code specific link to the site. The items that show up right away should be eligible. Try this:

        1) Click through one of the promo code links at the top of this page;
        2) Add one of the items that appear right away to your cart (you’ll take it out later)
        3) Go through to the checkout page and add the promo code and your frequent flyer number.
        4) Then go back to shopping and try to add the item you really want. You should get a message saying that the item is not valid for that promo code. And there should be a link to view all eligible items. Click that.
        5) Once you find an eligible item that you want, add it to the cart and remove the other item

  28. I ordered 2 $50 gift cards from 1800Flowers back on 3/31 and noticed that the amex cards had not been charged yet. I called them and they said the order was canceled because of too many people using the Amex offers, with multiple cards.

  29. I received 1750 RR miles for code SW27 for the Valentine’s Day promotion on March 22. Success for 2 of my 4 orders. Am in the process of inquiring about the missing 2 orders.

    I did use gift cards from Discover to make the purchases.

  30. Hi Greg,
    Love your blog! Wanted to let you know that I was trying to get some new 1-800 gift cards with the new American Express promotion to do extreme stacking.
    However, it does not seem to allow me to use a shopping portal for additional cash back or airline points.
    Below is the message I am getting:
    “Promotion Codes are not accepted on this item.
    Click here for gifts that can accept Promotion Codes”
    Are you seeing this too?

    • My guess is that the sites you are clicking through are adding a promo code to your session. When you go through the United portal, it offers the miles through the use of the promo code (and so you can’t get miles when buying gift cards). With cash back sites (and most other mileage portals besides United), though, I think they would only add a promo code if you click on something like a free shipping offer, or a discount offer. If you remove the promo code, you should still get cash back.

  31. @Elinor, Buying gift cards using shopping portal has worked for me, it is a click-through thing, to earn miles you need to actually buy stuff since miles promo codes do not work on gift cards.

    • I have gotten cash back before when I’ve purchased the gift cards. This is the first time I’ve encountered that Error Message. I tried to use both a cash back portal and two airline portals. Each time I got the same error message.

  32. Are $50 gift card purchases triggering the $15 AMEX credit? Fine print says it excludes e-gift cards.

    Enrollment limited. Valid online only. Not valid in-store. Valid only on US website. Not valid for e-gift card purchases.

  33. Anyone know if there is a current SW code for 1800Flowers for the 1750 pts? The SW website says you can earn that many, but takes you to a landing page without the code, but says you must include the code to get that amount of points.

  34. Is it just me, or are the 1-800-Flowers gift cards “sold out”. I got one a few days ago but now get the following message, “1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Gift Card. We are sorry, the product you have selected is not available.”

  35. TB1750 terms say “Offer valid through 5/15/2017”. Actually TB1750 is an old code. It is available whenever there is a promotion and the expire date just extends. If I used it for 5 times which is the max number 1800flowers will credit you miles for a single promo code in past promotions, do you think I will still earn miles this time?

  36. I want to make sure I don’t make a mistake here– I can get portal cash back and miles (ex, 30 miles/$ at AA) as long as I purchase a physical gift card only?

    • My understanding is you get portal cashback for buying a physical gift card. You will earn 30 miles/$ at AA (requires you to use promo code) by using gift card to pay. You can try to earn portal cashback when you use promo code but the portal cashback is likely to be clawed back.

  37. A friend of mine is trying to get the companion pass and ordered multiple orders through 1-800-Flowers using RR22 using gift cards. They are now saying Gift card purchases do not qualify to earn SW points. Has anyone else run into this? It does not state in the T&C’s anything about the payment method. I personally have used RR22 to receive Companion pass points on the Celebrations passport and flowers orders with gift cards as the payment method.

    • Yes, this has happened to a number of people. The trouble started when 1800Flowers stopped letting you earn Celebrations Rewards points when using gift cards. It seems that many of their employees got confused and thought that it meant that you shouldn’t earn any points when using gift cards, including Southwest points. If you keep contacting them you should be able to get to someone who understands that your orders should earn Southwest points.

    • Good luck to you. Happened to me on multiple orders and they never budged. They finally stopped even replying to my emails. I didn’t receive a single point since I “paid with a gift card”. Their customer service is the worst. I won’t order from them ever again.

  38. I would like to start doing it on a large scale, sending gifts to patients on anniversaries of their first visits, at the completion of difficult or expensive treatments, etc. I would probably be doing about 20-30 per month, once or twice per month.. I don’t mind skipping a step and not getting max points if that makes the process smoother. I would prefer AA, AS, or UA points. What steps would you recommend for making this a regular, large scale, easy to follow process?

    • If doing that large of a scale, you’ll probably want to give up on a number of the options for making the orders much cheaper since they don’t tend to scale well. You certainly don’t want to deal with hundreds of gift cards, for example.

      Instead, I’d recommend:
      1. Sign up for Celebrations Passport (currently $20, but usually $30) so that you’ll get free shipping and handling
      2. Find the latest and greatest AA, AS, and UA promo codes at the top of this post.
      3. Make sure to apply a mileage promo code to the order when checking out.

      • First name doesn’t have to match, I used my billing/1800flowers account to get points on my wifes RR account. I did one order as a test before doing the others to fill my 6000 point gap to get the companion pass. The points came through in about a week and they counted towards companion pass. (1000 points using RR22)

  39. So 1800Flowers pulled physical gift cards during the 1-2 weeks leading up to Mother’s day when all the portals were at 25%. As soon as those portal rates went away the cards came back on the website, which happened yesterday.

    I purchased a $50 physical gift card, going through BeFrugal at 15% and checked this morning and it tracked at $0. It’s always tracked on BeFrugal in the past, so I’m thinking they might have caught on to the double dipping with the gift cards and used the past 2 weeks to fix the issue so they aren’t paying out. I’m going to try some more portals but I’m not feeling optimistic.

    • Thank you for the reminder. I moved those to the Expired Codes section (it’s handy to keep a history because the same codes often work again in the future). No, I’m not aware of any better Southwest codes at the moment

  40. I looked at my ebates balance today and my cash back from 1800flowers has completely disappeared. Has this happened to anyone besides me? This is so strange…..

  41. I used the RR22 code to order about 16 orders about a month and a half ago. I still have not gotten my 1000 points for my companion pass. What should I do?

    • Call Celebration Rewards support. Ask to speak to a supervisor if they say that your purchases didn’t qualify. Keep going up the chain if necessary to demand points. There’s nothing in the terms & conditions to suggest that you shouldn’t get the points, so they should make you whole (or refund all of your money)

      • Same thing. On the phone now. Got escalated from agent, to supervisor to manager, now to someone even higher.. they keep making excuses that don’t make any sense

        • FM,

          Please alert your readers to the fact that 1-800-Flowers has recently changed their policy (note–POLICY, rather than TERMS), and will no longer award airline miles if the purchase is made with a gift card. I have just spoken with their executive team. Background is below:

          I have placed hundreds (yes, hundreds) of orders over the past few years using gift cards and applying the RR promo codes for Southwest points. It’s been great. Points have applied every time. That is, until I placed a set of 27 orders in May. Points never arrived and so I called in.

          I spoke with an agent, then an agent’s supervisor, then an executive team member, and that executive team member’s supervisor. All are now spouting the “policy” that purchases with gift cards will not earn points, despite the fact that a promotion code (like RR22) will show to have applied correctly. This is a clear violation of the gift card terms, but alas–what is a customer to do? They are simply refusing to do anything.

          What they will tell you is that the Celebrations Rewards terms and conditions (bullet point 1 under “earning points”) says the purchases are ineligible. That is false, as the paragraph clearly speaks in terms of earning CELEBRATIONS REWARDS points–not airline miles earned through the use of a promotional code. When the paragraph uses the term “Point,” it is referring to celebrations rewards points. Nobody here disputes the fact that purchases redeeming gift cards do not earn CR points–only the purchase of the gift card itself will earn them.

          Bottom line–seems they have recognized a balance sheet loss here and have stopped selling gift cards and have gone the additional step by retroactively denying airline miles to purchases that are legally entitled to earn them.

          Next step: class action? I’d be glad to join. Best part is that I keep screenshots of all of my orders (yes, hundreds) showing that the RR22 code applied successfully and is eligible for the airline miles. Company has no leg to stand on.

        • Thanks so much. I dumped my remaning $400 of gift cards given this developement. The resell market is likely to tank/flood a bit with this news. Hopefully this sorts out well for eveyone and a transition period. The going was good and I enjoyed gifting gifts all the time in essence exchanging cash for miles, but 800 products are too expensive.

          The Big loser is my mom, she was really enjoying her fresh flowers every month!

        • I consistently receive my miles. If I don’t automatically get them, I contact my goto CSR. Just received JetBlue miles two days ago automatically and I was above the 5 limit for the TB1750 promo. I always use the Discover deal $30 for $20. Like some, I hit 1800flowers hard, year after year. About two weeks ago I contacted my CSR and told her I didn’t receive miles for one order, but received miles form another order. I had three confirmation numbers and wasn’t sure which one didn’t give me miles. A couple days later I received miles for all three. It was great because I’d already received miles on two of the orders.

        • David–seems very YMMV and that you have an in with a great CSR. Unfortunately, the rest of us are stuck with what seems to now be the official policy of rejecting the miles. In fact, I received an e-mail from the executive team denying me my miles and stating that “upper management” has been involved on this issue.

          I may file chargebacks on my AMEX cards (which I used to buy the gift cards) as the next level of recourse.

        • I filed chargebacks with Amex for those gift card purchases. Now to wait 3 months and see what happens. If it doesn’t go anywhere with Amex, I plan to sue in small claims. Will be my first time and I always wanted to try.

  42. I just tried to use Jet Blue Code TB1550 and it said does not exist.

    I upgraded order and successfully used Jet Blue Code TB1750 which works $34.99 and up.

    There is also a AA code that is listed, but expired. So I just updated the code list. Thanks.

  43. There is no tax on food in California (except for restaurants), but 1800flowers charged me tax on a candy order. Tried to chat with them, was told I’d need to fax in a tax exempt form(!!).
    Any advice on the best avenue to report them?

  44. Greg/Nick,

    Given that the RR22 SW code expires on 12/31/17, am I able to order the items in 2017 with the goal to have the points post in 2018? My concern is if the code will be honored if the delivery of items occurs in 2018. Otherwise, any thoughts about having the items delivered the last week of December 2017 to have points post in 2018? I have read through all of the comments on your multiple 1800 flowers threads and there are varying degrees of reports about length of time for the points to post.

    Thanks for all of your help and hard work.

  45. Greg,

    Any updates on whether or not using a gift card will still qualify for points? In my experience, if you EXCLUSIVELY use a gift card, they sometimes see it as cash and you will get both celebration rewards points and the miles. Just wondering if there’s been any other data points.

  46. David, I may be just missing it on FM insiders. Can you either share the link to your post or some direction to find the codes on FM insider?



  47. I saw two different promo codes for 1750 Southwest Rapids Rewards with a $34.99 minimum purchase. They are SW48 and SW49. Limit of 5 orders per Rapid Rewards number. The offer goes until 2/15/18.

  48. I received SW45 promo code with my SW credit card statement this month. spend 34.99 or more get 1750 RR at 1800flowers.com/southwest (max 5 order per member) Expiry 2/14/2018

  49. Added codes for Southwest 1750 points per order (SW45, SW48, SW49). Thanks goodguys21 and Barry.

    Keep in mind everyone that points from these codes are NOT companion pass eligible. But points from code RR22 (1,000 points per order) are companion pass eligible.

  50. Sorry if this was answered already..im about to buy a nice chunk of flowers for a wedding ..i have amex biz card ..so
    1) i should check for offers on my amex card
    2) dont buy gc bc i they wont quail qualify me for points on a portal?

    If you can correct me id apperciate that!


    • 1) Correct
      2) Don’t buy gift cards because when you use them you won’t get points when using a promo code at 1800Flowers.
      3) I don’t have experience with proflowers, but in general 1800Flowers is the only site I’m award of where you can get free shipping and combine that with promo codes that offer, for example, 30 miles per dollar.

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