Mornings with Chase

Once again, Chase’s Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall proves it is the very best.

Every morning I log onto and visit Ultimate Rewards. I then click on “Manage Ultimate Rewards”:

My goal is to find out if any of my latest schemes have paid off. So, next I click on “See Rewards Activity”:

Then, since most of my schemes involve the Ultimate Rewards Mall, I click on “Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel earnings”:

Why do I do all this? On some mornings, like today, Chase gives me a present in return:

The first item above shows that Chase registered an order I placed at, using a Kohls gift card and a 20% off promo code, for which Chase has awarded me 10 points per $. The second item is a large purchase of Sears gift cards that I made at in return for 6 points per $. Note that I paid for these gift cards with an American Express card. Both the Kohls order and the Kmart order registered within a few days of the original purchase! Those who have been following earlier posts (Buy miles for 1.2 cents or less, Potential Mega Deal, the Perpetual Point Machine series, etc.) will understand the significance of these items. For others, suffice it to say that the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall is awesome.

Thanks Chase! I love you too.

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  1. how long does it typically take them to show up in your account after the purchases?
    thanks for your great blogging!!

    • Yaakov: Thanks! It varies how long it takes for purchases to register. These purchases were about the quickest I’ve seen. Others have taken about a week. One purchase took 15 days. Note that once they register, it still takes some time for the points to be credited to your account. I’m not sure what that cycle is, but I’ll try to pay more attention to that going forward.

  2. any experience on how long it takes for purchases to appear? i made a purchase last thursday, but no activity as of yet.

    • TJ: Kohls definitely used to allow double dipping even though their terms and conditions say otherwise (I have points to prove it), but recently they disappeared from the list of merchants in the UR “gift cards” section. I bought another gift card the other day to test it out. The points haven’t registered yet, but I also haven’t received the gift card yet. I’ll post once I know.

  3. so i went to kmart to stake it out and they only had like 1k of bp gift cards and the rest were garbage ones. andi asked if you can order more and they said no, it just comes automatically?

    what have been your results? and you cant use them at sears also?

    • Steve: I haven’t tried to buy more than a few at a time yet (but I will soon). I do think we’ll have to pace ourselves and buy a handful each week or so. Regarding Sears: you can certainly use the same gift cards at Sears, but I don’t know if Sears sells other retailer gift cards. It’s definitely worth a look.

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