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Aadvantage eShopping Mall

For quite a while Sears has offered 10 miles per dollar for purchases made through Aadvantage eShopping, but I found today that Sears is now down to 6 miles per dollar.  Rats!  Also, Sears is still pegged at 4 points per dollar in the UR Mall.



When Nordstrom offered 36 British Airways miles per dollar, I threw down over $4K.  Since then I’ve been trying to sell the items for as little loss as possible.  My stated goal was to average a loss of .5 cents per mile.  Sales are not complete, but so far I’m tracking pretty closely to this.  Also, my British Airways miles finally moved to actual usable miles!  For those of you who participated, how is it going for you?


Amex Platinum 100K Offer

Yesterday I asked for help deciding how to handle my next credit card churn.  The general consensus seemed to be to go ahead and signup for the 100K Amex offer now, and worry about other offers later.  So, I went ahead and did just that. I was approved on the spot!  Now I’m trying to figure out why I was targeted so that others can get in on this too…

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  1. Ixnay on the 36 Avios. Got 24 and a message that it isn’t my first purchase at eStore. Never Nordies, but Ebags and B&N. I was expecting the 36, but feel OK about 24. Thanks again for the tip.

  2. Curious – now that the 36 Avios per $1 has been over for a bit now, are you willing to share what you purchased? I couldn’t come up with much that I thought I could comfortably resell for an acceptable loss and I sure as hell don’t need designer clothes for myself. Everything else I might buy I know I can acquire for less when on sale elsewhere.

  3. The points are now showing as approved but nothing has posted yet on my actual BA account. My biggest issue right now is actually selling the items that I purchased. So far I’m not doing so great. I purchased a whole bunch of beats headphones and they are not selling for what I would want them to. :/ All in all, I am happy with the amount of Avios I accumulated. Cant wait to use them on a trip to Hawaii next year. 🙂

  4. I bought about $1,800 from the 36x nordstrom offer on 2/10. I’m fighting with them now to get the remaining 12x but the other 24x have transferred to my BA account completely. I am having a lot of trouble selling my items on EBAY and I think it’s because I don’t sell much on there so buyers may be worried that I’m not a power seller, have tons of good ratings, ect.I bought a few designer purses all at half off during the promo. Do you have any suggestions to help me sell these that I may not be thinking of. Anything would be really appreciated. I would even let someone keep all the potential profits just for being able to sell them for me.

  5. Only 24x for me too. They claim the promo ended on February 9, even though on Feb 10 (my purchase date) the promo was still widely advertised and the site took the code. Never mind, 24x is still a great deal and it’s time to move on to the next deal.

  6. Only 24x points for my purchase are showing. They have moved from pending to accepted and are in my overall total of miles. I’ve put in a request for the missing 12x miles. For those that are already in an email battle, what reasons are they giving for only crediting the 24 not 36 miles?

    • Sorry to hear from so many people that only got 24X. As Bangkokiscool wrote, Nordstrom quietly ended the promo early on the 9th. Yes 24X is still a great deal, but I think it is rotten that they are refusing to honor the deal that was advertised. Hopefully they’ll realize that they’re better off keeping happy customers than saving a few dollars here. I did get all 36X, but I placed my order on the 8th.

      Adam: I’d recommend offering free shipping and a text byline something like “GUARANTEED BRAND NEW, NEVER OPENED” to make it stand out to prospective buyers.

      Arizona Guy: I’m not ready yet to spill the beans. Sorry.

  7. @Adam The reason you are probably having trouble selling designer purses is because ebay is full of counterfeit designer items. It’s really hard to sell legitimate designer items on ebay unless you have an excellent reputation. Maybe you should put “guaranteed not to be counterfeit” on your ad and mentioned that the items were purchased from nordstorm.

  8. I had 36 ppd pending for the last 2 weeks and finally posted to my account today. I bought a bunch of watches at discount. I have had a few offers (all too low for my taste) and a bunch of watchers on my items. I figure id give it a month and if they don’t sell at a price near my asking. Ill just return them and forfeit whatever points would have been gained. Anyone know how long you have to return for full refund?

    • dbpoints: I don’t know Nordstrom’s official policy, but I’ve heard that they are very lenient with returns. I agree with your approach: if you have to return items, be OK with it when they revoke your points.

  9. Man!! I’m just not really a Nordstroms type of guy I guess and I don’t really have the time to try and resell stuff so I didn’t participate in that one. Quite a haul for you though!!

    Awesome you got the 100k Platinum! I’d bought on that one too.

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