Midday News

  • In case you somehow missed it, today only you can buy a $10 Amazon gift card for only $5!  Hat Tip to RhondasBuzz.com (I would have provided a link, but her site appears to be broken right now).  View the deal here: https://local.amazon.com/palm-beaches (or any other Amazon Local location).
  • Reader John W tipped me off about an awesome cash back site called TopCashBack which offers better cash back rates for gift card purchases and resales than ShopAtHome, MyDealsAndCoupons, etc.  As a result, I’ve updated the post Gift cards: buy low, sell high, get cash back.  If anyone is in the process of buying and selling gift cards, you should take a look as the cash back rates are better through TopCashBack.  (disclosure: I’ve used a referral link here which will give me a whopping $5 if you click through, signup, and make a purchase).


  1. Will you buy a mansion with those $5 payments? Or contribute it to more gift card research? If the former, I will use it. If the latter, you really need to have more fun in your life!

    Thanks for the great blog as always. By the way, those $500 Walmart gift cards are very hard to come by on Ebay, now…..got one last week and haven’t seen a “buy it now” for $485 in a while.

    • THEsocalledfan: Thanks for the complement! Yes, the $5 payments will most certainly be used to buy a tiny little mansion. Maybe my cat can live in it :). Regarding Walmart gift cards: you do need to have a lot of patience for that game! I’m sure they’ll come back eventually…

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