More freebies from Staples are on their way

Staples is awesome.  They regularly come out with fantastically easy “free after rebate” offers.  You can take maximum advantage of these offers by going through a points or miles earning portal to rack up cash back or points (and credit card spend) for free.  I’ll continue to give easy, step by step instructions whenever these offers become available.

First, a warning

Some people have tried to get more than the allowed “per household” number of rebates by buying software in the name of their spouse, friends, dogs, whatever.  I heard from a reader who tried this: he had only one set of rebates approved.  The second set of rebates was denied because Staples found a link between his information and his spouse’s.  The reader asked me not to divulge the details, and I’ll honor that.  Just know that if you try to bypass the per household limit, you’re skating on thin ice.  I don’t recommend it.

New stuff coming on Sunday

I get an email every Friday from Staples with a link to preview their upcoming Sunday ad.  Here are just a couple of goodies I found:



On Monday (or Tuesday if I’m lazy), I’ll post details showing how to take Maximum advantage of these offers.

There is still time for the current round of freebies:

  • Until March 24th (tomorrow!), you can earn thousands of free points from Staples by buying free after rebate software.
  • If you tried this deal and your purchase has a status of “researching” just give Staples a call. Once they verify that you really intend to buy this software, they’ll confirm the order.
  • If you buy 10 copies of the software in one transaction, you only need to fill out the rebate form once.  Really.  I promise.

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  1. I bought the current Staples offer this morning. My order status was “researching,” so I chatted online with a representative. She said everything was fine from her end and didn’t know what to do. About an hour later I got a call from Staples confirming the order. Maybe if I’d called them instead of chatting they would have been able to confirm it immediately. In any case, it looks like it worked! Thanks for the tip!

  2. What should the status of the rebate say? Mine says “Validation in progress,” just wondering if that means that my check is on the way…

  3. That’s a lot of work for 450 points. I rather buy AmEx GC $6,000 at a time. I have the means to spend that in 14 days so I realize I am in a different boat than others.

  4. I chatted with Staples about my $450 check rebate. I was told “validation in progress” till check is mailed. It will be sent in 15 days.

    For the 2 above offers, is it staples instant rebate and what is maximum you can buy for each one?

  5. Thank you! I did follow your instructions in the two previous staples deal & I’ve gotten my UR points for all purchases. Still waiting for rebate though!

  6. Quick question, i have both the chase sapphire preferred and the Continental/Chase Presidential Plus card, can i make purchases through the ultimate rewards portal on the Pplus card and still get points? having a hard time choosing between 7% return and FEQMS

    • og: Yes, you can use your non-Chase cards through the UR mall portal as long as you have a Chase account that give you access to the UR mall. Usually the points will post fine, but be prepared for a small risk of not getting the points.

      sil: We won’t know the details of the new offers until Sunday. I will post the details on Monday (or Tuesday)

  7. Thanks for the heads-up FrequentMiler.

    Sadly, I’m already seeing “Limit 1 rebate per household” on the McAfee Antivirus.

  8. FM: on the online weekly ad (in Flash), McAfee Antivirus Plus says *Limit 1 rebate per household for stores in NY, CA, and TX. Click on the item’s full details to bring it up.

    That’s not going to stop me from buying the item.

  9. You might want to be careful with the McAfee rebate. I’ve read reports that they only allow one per product per year. Also, you have to mail them in rather than use the website to submit. I had trouble with the one I did earlier this year (they wanted the UPC but it was the download version, so no UPC to cut out and mail) and am calling it quits.

  10. I plan to use my Centurion card via Membership Rewards, it says they give 4 points per dollar at Staples BUT in the T/C it says “Purchases of promotional products are not eligible to earn bonus points”, do you know if the software you have mentioned here will quality or will it be considered as a promotional product?

    Thanks for your help, I love this blog!


  11. It’s possible to enter Stapes from Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and pay with my Amex and I will still get UR points?? It does not have to be paid for with a Chase card? If this is possible then I will shop from UR instead of MR because I will get 5 points instead of only 4.

  12. When I entered the staples site from the UR site, it said…

    “You’re now leaving Chase.*
    Earn 4 extra pts/$1 spent at
    Check out with your Chase card and your extra points will automatically appear on your statement.”

    This leads me to believe that I must pay with a Chase card that earns Ultimate Rewards in order to get the 4 points, if I pay with Amex I don’t think I will get the 4 points from UR.


  13. Ok, thanks.

    I called UR and on two separate called I was told “the UR program was discontinued last July… no new people can sign up… and NO rewards can be earned”. I triple asked and each time they said “no new rewards can be earned, only existing rewards can be spent”. Does that sound crazy? I am going to my local chase branch tomorrow to talk to someone face to face.

    On another note: Can I shop from MR and use a different card than my amex? I think I can’t but I’d like to know your experience on this.


    • Niko: You have to have a Chase credit card in order to get Ultimate Rewards points. You can get the Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, Ink Cash, Ink Classic, or Freedom card. See more about them in my “Preparing for Miles” tab. So, while you don’t necessarily have to use one of these credit cards when buying thru the UR mall, you do need to have one in order to log in at all.

      No, I don’t think you can use a non-Amex card with the MR mall.

  14. Amazing. Some people never read. Most every issue raised in these comments has been addressed in this or previous blog entries. It’s the same with those who ask questions that are answered in terms and conditions.

  15. So it’s live. McAffee is ignorable, rebate is max of 1.

    The TrendMicro Titanium Antivirus rebate is max of 10, however the Staples site is only allowing 1 to be added to the cart. You can add 1 download version and 1 boxed version if you want to go that route. I’ll just wait until later in the day to see if the shopping cart issue is intentional or a glitch tonight.

  16. I suspect the “Max 1 per shopping cart” is a deliberate response to the overwhelming number of miles shoppers last month. The funny thing is that the rebate form still says max 10 per name/address but I dont know if the staples easy rebate site will handle 10 x 1 entries …

    And McAffee is a MIR only, not eligible for easy online rebate.


    • All: As others have pointed out, the good news is that Staples has a new Free After Rebate item for which you are allowed 10 rebates. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus is on sale for $35 with a $35 easy rebate. The problem right now is that the Staples system is messed up and is only allowing you to order 1 at a time. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. If anyone goes ahead and buys 10 separate copies, please let me know how that turns out. I plan to give their IT at least until Tuesday to fix this. The offer is good until Saturday (3/31). There are a few other minor free after rebate items as well, but they don’t add up to much. You can also buy a pack of batteries in-store and get 100% back in the form of Staples rewards. In the future, you can use those rewards to buy free after rebate items as a way of getting your money back. I wouldn’t bother with this unless you could use the batteries.

  17. I bought the 10 Trend Micro from Staples UR mall on 3/20/12. I don’t see the points posted at UR yet. How many days does it take?

  18. My wife has Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I don’t. I use her UR account to buy stuff via UR mall, but I pay using my cards (AMEX, US Air MC, and others). When I first payed with AMEX cards, points didn’t show on her UR account. I wrote e-mail to Chase and they issued points without any doubt. Then all transactions when I paid using my other cards were posted on her UR account without any problem.

  19. I just tried to buy the Trend Titanium, but it won’t let me add more than 1 to my cart. Have they blacklisted my account, or is this happening to everyone?

  20. I too have purchased the Titanium Antivirus in two separate transactions and submitted the rebate. Will provide an report along with Matt W for additional verification if the rebates are accepted. Then I’ll just buy it 8 more times.

    I need to figure out a new address though. I previously used California for delivery and did so again this time but was charged sales tax. I went too quickly and didn’t notice until after the second transaction.

  21. I purchased 10 last night but have yet to get an email from staples with any info about the rebate. In this blog it says that they will send an email with details about rebate, how long does it usually take for them to send the email? Do I need to look elsewhere?

    • Niko: It’s possible that your purchase is in the “researching” status. Regardless, the deadline for the rebate was last night (I believe) so I think you should call Staples to cancel your order or at least ask them if you still qualify for the rebate given that you didn’t file it yet.

  22. The customer service number at Staples is 1-800-3STAPLE. The Chase UR representative can be reached at the number on the back of your credit card. If your rebate email doesn’t arrive or your points don’t post within two weeks, call them. Or send Chase a secure email from your account; they can verify your purchase and tell you whether you qualify for the points.

    Have patience. Keep records. Not everything is instantaneous.

  23. Ok, here’s what happened…

    I never got an email from Staples.

    I called the rebate center at 877 266 6483, finally got a rep on the phone

    He sent me to and showed me how to submit my rebate online.

    As long as my purchase was within the rebate days, all is well. You have 60 days to file it.

    FYI, I also found out that once you buy software, it’s non refundable, even if it has not “shipped” and is still in “processing” status, so once you click Buy the deal is done. : ) I guess you can always get a manager on the phone and plead your case should you want to cancel BUT there’s no guarantee.


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