Check for your Staples rebate check

I just received my first rebate check in the mail from Staples’ Free after Rebate purchases.  I previously received a rebate visa gift card which came in a regular envelope.  However, for those who have been playing along, it’s worth noting that the check comes as a simple paper postcard.  If you have a bunch of junk mail, you might easily overlook it:


Here’s to hoping we won’t toss/recycle our checks!

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  1. Just got mine last week too – worst part is they don’t make it one of those tear apart type post cards like they do for your PIN, so it’s highly possible thieves could just steal them too 🙁

    I think i’ll email staples to suggest the type that aren’t just exposed for anyone to see.

  2. wow… that’s one of the cheapest things I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even try to hide that it was a check. How much fraud must they have with those things?!

  3. How long did it take from when the website said “printed/mailed” – have had one saying that for about 10 days now and have not seen the check yet!

  4. I’ve checked my rebates (I made 3 purchases – 1, 8, and 1 copies of single product)- one is ‘validation complete’, the rest is ‘validation still in progress’. Did you receive checks from you March purchases?

  5. Got mine (I only made one February purchase). Waiting on a March purchase now, doesn’t say mailed yet on the status though.

    And I want the damn ultimate rewards mall to come back online! I need to buy some shoes!

  6. Mine has changed to check printed/mailed since early last week, but I still haven’t seen a check yet.

    Honestly, they should at least put it in to an envelope. It could easily be stolen, or tossed away with other junk mail.

    I’ll be on the lookout for mine from the February purchase.

  7. I got mine today, and I don’t know how they keep all the fraud from happening with this exposed check in the mail.

  8. Got mine for a 2/23 purchase and submission yesterday so just over 4 weeks and about a week after the status changed to “check printed/mailed”. Would be real easy to miss if you were quickly tossing junk mail.

  9. I placed my order on 2/17 and the printed mailed status came back about a week ago, but I have not seen my check yet, EEEEEKKKKK

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