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Secure message regarding card ending in 0504:

My dearest Sapphire Preferred,

I remember when we met, it was love at first sight.  Your sleek beauty, your steel resolve, and your giving nature made you irresistible.  My fondness for you grew as we travelled the world and dined in fine restaurants.  I will always treasure the times we had.

I don’t know a good way to tell you this, but I’ve fallen for another. 

I know what you’re thinking, but no it’s not the one who goes by the initials S.P.G.  No, my dearest Sapphire, it is your sister Ink Bold. 

Ink is not as beautiful or as strong as you. When I first met her I thought she was rather dull — all business.  But, over time, I’ve grown to recognize her true qualities and my relationship with her has become more rewarding than I ever dreamed possible.

Can you ever forgive me?  I really would like to stay friends. There’s no reason we can’t still visit the mall together from time to time.  If you’ll have me, I know that our friendship will pay dividends year after year.   

Yours truly,


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  1. Moving pts from ink to sapphire can get the 7% bonus right?

    So ur not totally going to drop it….free points is always free points

  2. Cashier:
    Wow this card is heavy!?

    Yeah, I’m kind of a heavy spender. The credit card company wanted to make sure I wouldn’t wear this one out! hehe

  3. So perhaps I missed the Ink perks. I didn’t think it was all that impressive when I looked a few months back.

  4. Brilliantly funny! Just watch out for the father. He’ll take both daughters away, and you’ll won’t have anyone to play with.

  5. This is really funny. I feel the same way. It is sad I don’t get to use my Sapphire any more. People think it is really cool. But when I’m not buying stuff at office supply stores I am spending on my new pre-paid AMEX. Eventually my wife and I are going on a second homeymoon through Asia on all these points. Love the blog. You think like I do which is to take advantage of the rules that you are given. Within reason of counse. Like cheaplee said you never want to make the father-in law mad!

    • Mark: There have been some reports of getting the 7% bonus by moving the points over to the SP card, but I won’t believe it until I see it work in my own account. I won’t drop SP because when the UR Mall points are equal, I prefer to shop through SP for the 7% dividend.

      Brent, Phil: LOL

      Joshua Isaac: See my recent post to see why the Ink is so valuable: http://frequentmiler.boardingarea.com/2012/05/01/one-card-to-rule-them-all/

      Frugal Travel Lawyer: Give her time, you will most definitely grow to love her 🙂

      cheaplee: Good point! Daddy Chase can be a dangerous man!

      smitty06: Ink and I have a slow, steady less than $4K per month relationship. It’s built to last 🙂

      Jennifer: Freedom is awefully tempting sometimes, especially for those cheap dates (10 pts per transaction!).

      The Weekly Flyer: I won’t complain if SP finds a way to woo me back 🙂

      Mark: Thanks!

      Kyle: Thanks!

  6. Sapphire annual fee is due next month. At first, I thought I was going to can it & just keep the InkBold. Then I started having second thoughts…the 7% dividend I will miss, wondered how long the PPM thing will last…So, for now, I will keep Sapphire for a 2nd year. In January 2012 reevaluate the landscape and either decide to can Sapphire or can InkBold when the PPM gravy train finally comes to a stop…

    I need to stop pulling out the prepaid amex…So many cards, so many miles/points:-)

  7. I did some math regarding the Chase Sapphire Preferred annual fee and 7% dividend bonus. The annual fee is $95, so if you divide that by 1.07, you need to accrue at least 8,878 Ultimate Rewards Points each year to break even.

    If you divide 8,878 points by 2 pts/$ on restaurants and travel, you need to spend $4,439 per year just on those categories. If you only used it at restaurants, $4,439 / 365 days = $12.16 per day. Throw in some expensive trips and you should easily be able to cover the annual fee.

    Are my figures correct?

    • Jonathan: Ooh, I’m tempted! Should I really? Maybe…

      Grant Thomas: I think you need to look at how many points are required to earn that big of a dividend. If you take the fair trade value of 1.31 cents then you need to earn 7251 dividend points to break even for the $95 annual fee. You would need to earn just over 100K UR points on the Sapphire Preferred to get 7251 dividend points.

  8. One of thought of caution! PPMs can be great, but if you are new and haven’t applied for many of the Chase cards already that you may want, tt may be easier to apply and get those points first w/o risking losing your Chase points if you are not careful.

  9. Be careful with this family. After one suitor attempted one too many cheap moves on their younger sister Freedom, he just happened to go on a deep sea fishing trip with Daddy never to return…

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