Up to 14.5% off Amazon and Barnes & Noble

A reader who goes by bitachu tipped me off to this upcoming OfficeMax sale.  Starting tomorrow and until May 12th, you can buy Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook gift cards for 10% off.  Specifically, they advertise that you will save $5 when buying two $25 gift cards.  This is interesting because, I believe that Kindle gift cards can be used for any Amazon.com purchases and that Nook gift cards can be used for any Barnes & Noble purchases.

Double dip the discounts with OPEN or Ink

It’s not clear yet whether OfficeMax will have a per person limit, but if they allow at least 3 sets to be bought at once, you can increase the discount by using an American Express business credit card with OPEN Savings.  This will give you a 5% statement credit for all OfficeMax purchases of $100 or more.  It’s nice of OfficeMax to offer this deal before the in-store OPEN Savings benefit goes away as I reported yesterday.  When you stack a 10% discount with a 5% discount, the total discount comes to 14.5%.  Not bad!

Alternatively, use a Chase Ink credit card to get 5 points per dollar at office supply stores!


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    • Andras: I’m not sure about B&N, but with Amazon you apply gift cards to your account and then the money is available whenever you make purchases. So, you can load up as many onto your account as you want.

  1. I Believe it’s a go.
    Terms said it can be used on any amazon

    5% off Amex over 100
    5 dollars off 50 amazon kindle (2×25)

    Grab a gas card to get it over 100 for Amex

    Any use for the b&n nook cards?

  2. @Scott: I bought a boat load of Amazon kindle gift cards from target during the 10 off 50 cards and used all of them on Amazon.com purchases.

  3. I just bought a amazon kindle card today and loaded it onto my account. It also says it on the card that can be used for any purchases on amazon.com. Now, if only can come up with a way to move the gift card amounts to another amazon feature/tool…

  4. Anytime I make an Amazon.com purchase I actually buy gift cards first with my Ink card and then purchase Amazon goods.

    This additional 10% is pretty sweet.

  5. apparently someone said if you have the simplycash card..u get 5% cashback on office supply stores + the 5% off at officemax..although I didn’t confirm at all.

  6. So if the Open discount is on orders over 100$, does that mean I have to buy 3 gift cards to cover the 100$ min?

    • Mark: It is possible to resell B&N for not too much loss — especially these lower value cards (not on EBay). I’m doing some research on this and hope to write up findings in the next week or so. In general, it should be possible to make a small profit thanks to this OfficeMax discount.

      Singapore Flyer
      : Yeah, sadly you’ll never be able to use Amazon gcs for Amazon Payments…

      bitachu: that makes sense. The SimplyCash card gives 5% off office supplies so if it comes with OPEN Savings too, you should be able to double up!

      HikerT: I expect this is an in-store only offer. Sorry.

      mik: If they allow more than one set of 2 per person, your best bet is to buy 6 cards to get a total of $15 off.

  7. @thomas:
    There’s no fee except (perhaps) shipping and handling if you can manage to order online. You can only use them for purchases at Amazon, however.

  8. If you use the Amex Spg Open card, you also earn .95 Starpoints per $ on this deal. Based on my valuation of Starpoints at $0.03, this makes the total discount on this deal over 17% !

  9. Total #FAIL at OfficeMax today. Made a special trip and they have no instruction or clue or anyone to call to figure out how to sell the cards at the sale price. After a 1/2 hour I had to leave empty handed.

  10. Confirmed they are having a National issue with the coupon working. I was able to ring up 4 and get $10 cash (Rule here in WA that $5 or under can be given in cash). They told me to come back tomorrow to get the rest of the cards.

  11. Is there a list of GC that don’t charge fees? I’d love to be able to swing by OM/OD before a meal or grocery trip and get the 5x on Ink Bold.

  12. Although there was some confusion at my OfficeMax the manager eventually found the code for the teller to scan and the discount was properly applied. I was able to buy 5 sets. Thanks FM for the tip!

  13. Unreal waste of time. Went to 2 stores and they were already cleaned out.
    Went to a 3rd store and hit payload but the system wouldn’t give any discount and manager said it was not possible to override.

  14. you listed the approx % off if you use your OPEN card…what about if you use the Ink card? Trying to compare the % off since I have both cards 🙂 Thanks!

  15. @ BillyS – Do you…. not understand how your card works?
    The discount for Ink is the usual 10% off $50 in B&N or Amazon credit, plus 50 UR points. Putting that into a percentage off depends on the value you attach to UR points.

  16. Anyone try to use Maxperks credit to purchase the cards? I have around $500 in rolling credit from the asia miles promo. BTW i buy these cards at best buy all the time, they are great! I buy best buy cards at a discount and use them to buy amazon cards

  17. Damn, just realized there is no office max in san diego… Thanks amex for not partnering with office depot 🙁

    • Mighty Mouse: Great!

      Tim: Sorry to hear that. OfficeMax really needs to figure out how to honor their promotions!

      BillyS: It’s a bit complicated: with the OPEN cards you get points plus 5% back. With Ink you get just the points. So, to make it equitable, let’s say with Ink you get 4 extra points. According to my Fair Trading Prices chart, UR points are worth 1.31 cents so 4 X 1.31 = $5.24 in savings per $100. In other words, using the Ink is like getting a 5.24% rebate in addition to 1 point per dollar. Both OPEN and Ink are about the same. Use whichever card you need to add spend to or in which you value points more highly.

      Mark T: Definitely true that the % rebate depends on how much you value UR points. I took a stab at converting it to a % rebate by using my Fair Trading Prices value.

      Judy Jones: I believe the T&C excludes Maxperks credit. Great tip about buying these cards with Best Buy cards. Any tips for getting Best Buy cards at a discount?

      milk: Well, many people are sad they live places without an Office Depot (see “One card to rule them all”). If you have an Ink, I’d say you’re ahead.

  18. I visited my nearest Office Depot yesterday morning right after it opened. When I went to the checkout counter the cards did not ring up at the right price. I asked the check out clerk for the new national flyer ad that had just gone into effect to prove the discount was valid. From that point on 5 different people tried to figure how how to ring the cards up. In the end they never could get it to ring up right but chose to charge me only for the actual cost of the cards, with the discount included, to my credit card. They then showed that the remaining portion of the normal value of the cards (equal to the discount) was tendered as cash, which I actually did not tender to them. One of the guys said that at the end of the day, he would “handle” the cash shortage in the drawer… I was in the store for 30 minutes, of which 25 of them was trying to get checked out. I feel real glad that I was successful with this promotion – especially since the AX Open savings at Office Depot is going away at retail stores in just over 30 days. I calculated that I got the Amazon cards at a 19% total discount!

  19. I went to OM this morning to scoop up some cards but they wouldn’t ring up correctly. The clerk checked and told me the problem was system wide. She told me she would contact me when the problem was fixed. She just called and told me I’m good to go and she has 14 cards if I want them. I said sure, although I wonder if I’ll be limited to 6 when I go to purchase them. I’ll report my results later. Thanks for the head’s up FM and good luck with the blog!

  20. FM, good luck with your business venture… Your blog offers a rare combination of utility and entertainment…I will be recommending your blog to all my friends!

  21. I returned to the store (see comment 42) and bought the 14 cards on hold for $45 for each set of two. As the store was then out of $25 cards, the cashier offered me $50 cards telling me that she would give $5 back in cash for each one purchased. So I took 10 more of those and pocketed $50. I used Ink Bold rather than Am Ex Open to maximize the points. Thanks FM. This will keep me stocked up with Amazon for a while.

  22. As for Getting best buy cards at a discount, i Was going to plastic jungle via mypoints, but tonight i no longer see them listed as a merchant. That was giving points good for united miles. Hope they return. You can go directly to plastic jungle, best buy was around 5-7% off all the time.

  23. No problem at the OfficeMax in Redwood City, CA. The clerk scanned the giftcards, and then scanned a barcode on a sheet in their promotions binder. I got 3 sets, but probably could have gotten more.

  24. Can you use Officemax giftcards to purchase the kindle giftcards? If you so can use your freedom card to go the the grocery store and buy Officema giftcards and get the 5x.

    • Tracy: I’ve been told by another reader that you can’t buy gift cards with OfficeMax gift cards. If you try it, though, please let me know how it turns out!

  25. Interesting. Just went into Officemax here in Normal, IL, and was told that Illinois was one of 6 states where Amazon refuses to allow Officemax to sell Kindle gift cards.

    Can anyone in Illinois call BS on that? Seems hinky to me.

  26. The terms allow 14.5% off the cards, not off one’s order…

    My Office Max did have the coupons and the clerk only had to get the scan code from the manager since it was not at the customer service center.

    However, the Barnes & Noble web site limits the number of cards that can be used. It states:
    “You may redeem up to 3 Gift Cards or Certificates for a single order. Click the “Enter Another” button below to apply your card and enter more. Please retain your Gift Card in the event there is any remaining balance.”

    A Nook simple touch would be able to have most of the $79 cost discounted by the coupon, and Ink category bonus (and UR 2 point bonus), but the Nook color ($150) would only get half the amount discounted.

    Perhaps the phone order system would accept more than 3 cards…. Has anyone tried that? One would lose the 2 point UR mall bonus but still get the original 5pt Ink Bonus on the cards as well as the 10% gift card discount on the whole order.

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