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Blogger U Can Fly Free 2 alerted me to this deal (see his post here).  On Black Friday (Nov 23rd) and Saturday (if any are left) OfficeMax will let you buy a $100 Visa or MasterCard for $15 off.  Since they charge a $5.95 fee for each Visa or MasterCard gift card, the total should come to $90.95.  It’s rare to get a 9% discount when buying money!

Don’t forget to use a credit card that earns extra points at office supply stores!

Note some restrictions:

  • Limit one $15 reward per customer.  Reports from SlickDeals say that last year the “reward” was a discount off the purchase price (not OfficeMax rewards) and that some stores allowed customers to buy more than one.
  • Offer valid in store only.  Self explanatory.
  • Limit 35 cards per store unless prohibited by law.  I think this means that each store will only sell 35 discounted gift cards.  Once they’ve sold 35 they will stop offering the discount.  I doubt many stores have that many on the rack anyway so it may not really matter.  I am a bit curious which States prohibit the 35 item limit…
  • Customers may not purchase multiple Visa gift cards and/or MasterCard gift cards in denominations that cumulatively amount to $100 or more to meet the minimum purchase requirement.  This means that if you can’t find any $100 cards, you can’t buy two $50 cards and hope to get the discount.
  • MaxPerks Rewards are not redeemable for this offer.  If you’ve earned MaxPerks rewards from previous deals, you can’t use those rewards to buy these gift cards.

Thanks Duc!

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  1. While I can’t speak to this particular limit, the Sunday circulars for CVS say that the quantity limits do not apply to New Mexico.

    My guess is that there is a quirk in New Mexico law.

  2. Richard – thanks for the clarification. OPEN savings used to be valid in-store, but they changed it to online-only several months back.

  3. Any reason I couldn’t just do multiple transactions in the same day? How do they limit the 1-per-customer? It’s not like they take a photo of you and stick it to the register saying “this person already purchased their ONE giftcard”. I’m planning in bringing my wife and just taking turns going up to the register with one giftcard at a time with our Chase IBs.

  4. @Julian, there is also a “Limit 35 cards per store” too. Even you and your wife taking turns going up to the register with one giftcard at a time and nobody else buys it, the max cards you can buy is 35. I agree with Sil, not worth it at all. Good Deals Can Be Found Year-Round at office-max and other places too.

  5. While this might not be as lucrative as OD/VR/BB I definitely see value. I’ll try to pick up 10 of them. That’s $90 off and 4,000 extra UR points for $1,000 in gift cards that I will use for regular non-category-bonus spend and christmas shopping. Even if I was to unload them for VRs at CVS I would still be making money.

  6. Or load them onto Target Amex prepaid at $3 per $1,000. I don’t know how much will they enforce one card per person.
    FrequentMiler, thank you for the post

  7. @John

    We made 5 different trips. (We were in the area all day) Four of the trips we each bought two. On the last trip we purchased the last one. My store knew that they were only supposed to sell one per person. We did try to purchase more than one a time, but it didn’t work. You could get lucky and someone will let you. All they can say is no.

    Side note: If you happen to have some Maxperks, they are selling AA batteries for one cent. You can also purchase these with your cc but they cost $16.99 per pack. Then you get reimbursed via Maxperks.

    Happy shopping to all!

  8. You are the best FM. I just bought $300 (3 separate transactions) and planning to get more hopefully. I just got about $45 of free money.

  9. I just got back from OfficeMax, I was able to purchase 5 of these cards for a total of $455! Apparently they weren’t selling very well, so when I walked up and asked if I could buy more than one, the cashier kind of shrugged and said that’d be perfectly fine. Of course, I put them all on my Chase Ink Bold card!

  10. Just picked up 3 at OfficeMax
    Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. 3 was the limit. They have them behind the registers and not on the display. Have to ask for assistance. We were able to locate many inside the display storage area. I will make a second run in the p.m., when the shift changes over.
    They also have a sweet deal off iTunes gift card. $15 off $50 dollar itunes card. no limits on purchases.

  11. Just was able to buy 12. I went in and asked the front door greeter if they had the Visa/Mastercard giftcards left and he said yes, a bunch of them. I asked if I could buy more than one and he said “how many do you want?” I said, “5?” He replied, “That’s it? Get as many as you want!” So I bought 12. I probably should have gotten a few more but I wanted to save a few for other people. Saved $108 plus about 5400 UR points! Sweet deal!

  12. I ended up buying 20 of these cards today! I immediately took them all to CVS and bought Vanilla Reloads to load onto my Bluebird, for a total balance of $2,000 with a total out-of-pocket cost of $1,834.50. I got $165.50 in free money, and netted 9,095 UR points! Can’t beat that!

  13. Thank you for posting this deal FM. I was able to buy 8. My OM store is really dead when I was there around noon. There were about 12-13 cards left when I was there. Great way to meet spending requirement for my Citi AA

  14. Thank you, FM! Got two in 1 purchase today, which is plenty for me right now. The deal continues tomorrow – Saturday. I had to ask for the cards; they weren’t on the rack. The November 13th comments here said that the Visa gift cards can be loaded onto Serve (?)…I’m checking into that…would be good to get the extra credit card protection.

  15. I did notice that I wasn’t able to use mine when I went to Target right after buying. Then I tried again at McDonald’s and it wouldn’t work there either. I then called the number on the back of the cards and they said that my cards (I checked 2) were not activated. I started freaking out, but I pulled the Office Max activation receipts, and it says “allow up to 24 hours for activation.” So I”m hoping it will just take some time and I’ll check again tomorrow. Although I see one PP mentioned that he went to CVS immediately after buying and was able to use them there, so my non-ability to use them worries me.

  16. @Jennifer: I bought 5 on Friday, having the same issue like you had. Are you able to get the cards to work yet? I am also a bit worried.

  17. I purchase multiple $100 visa gift card at discount price on black Friday in Office Max… The problem is that I can not use these cards… Office Max will not activate it and will only offer my money back, which means I just miss out on a deal and wasted time purchasing these Visa cards. Office Max is claiming that its the Visa card companies fault and theres something wrong with their system.. This is a BULLSHIT because I have called the card company and they said the card is not activated return to store of purchase.. I think Office Max is a bunch liars and I will not purchase anything from there again. If the card is valued at $100 they should honor it and exchange it with the same equal value not something less. Office Max shouldn’t put any advertisement that they don’t wont to honor. I’m still holding on these Visa Card because I don’t what to do next… Any ideas

    • bigbodysnacks: That’s a strange and depressing situation. Personally, I wouldn’t think it was worth fighting for it and I’d just return the cards for my money back and look forward to the next opportunity. There are always more great deals on the horizon.

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