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A couple of days ago, GiftCardMall suddenly disappeared from cash back portals.  I had listed GiftCardMall as one of the best ways to buy $500 Visa cards in the post “Best options for buying $500 Visa gift cards,” but they pulled out of their affiliate channels the same day I posted.  Luckily, they’re back!


1% cash back, but terms exclude Visa gift cards:




2% cash back for regular gift cards. 1% cash back for Visa gift cards:


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  1. With and, there’s no reason to be using TCB and GCM for 2% back on branded gift cards.

  2. After GCM changed the upper limit of their visa gift cards from $1000 to $500 AND jacking up the shipping cost, you will end up losing money even after 1% TCP CB. Not worth it. I’ll pass

  3. @Johnny yeah you’re not making money after that change but you’re still paying less than you would to buy an equivalent amount at retail stores. For example by my calculations getting two GCs at $500 each costs $500 + $500 + $3.95 + $3.95 + $2.00 + $2.00 + $3.48 = $1,015.38. Less the $10 from TCB (1%) and its $1,005.38 or $5.38 for $1,000. Similar cost would be $7.90 for VRs or $9.90 for two $500 GCs at a local store. Nothing exceptional but decent.

  4. yes, you are ahead 2$/1K if that worths waiting 14 weeks for TCB and 2 weeks for GCM physical cards. I gave up on GCM and go straight to other liquidation options, less work and hassle for me.

  5. TCB is a scam. Please stop promoting that website. They may pay you religiously but that is not the case for a lot of users.

  6. i just have to echo the feelings about TopCashBack and add my 2 cents: they have always paid me so far, but the wait is ridiculous (12 weeks minimum, sometimes 16+ weeks). Now we all know there is NO reason for this kind of wait, since other cashback sites list the same merchants and pay out MUCH faster and more reliably (FatWallet, BigCrumbs, Ebates, Mr Rebates). So TopCashback should just fess up and admit that they make serious bucks on float and sometimes just do not pay and hope you’ll go away. But here is my issue: my friends in the UK just LOVE the original parent TopCashback (the UK site). They give it very good feedback for speed, accuracy, etc – much like the competing cashback sites I’ve listed above on this side of the pond. So, I ask you TopCashback and hope you’re reading this: is it REALLY worth it to alienate so many of your customers and barely keep afloat with your US site because you just will NOT pay quickly? Is that extra float worth more REALLY than the success you could have by running your business better??!? Because people WANT to use TopCashback and want to like them- heck I’d send them all of my business. They just will not SEE that investing in their business and running it honestly and BETTER would ultimately pay off so much bigger. My suggestion is to complain to the UK site- this is the parent and I bet they do not know what a horrible reputation Topcashback has created for itself over here.

  7. To those who complain about the speed in which TCB pays its users: My understanding is TCB pays its users all, or virtually all, of the commission it receives from the merchants. As a for profit business, it would then seem that the only way that they can make any money would be to benefit from the float and delay payment to users. This delay would be the trade off for receiving a higher percentage rebate on your purchase compared to that offered by other sites.

  8. It might be a good idea for each one to write to GCM (giftcardmall) requesting them to 1. Bring back the $1000 visa gift card 2. Reconsider the $2/card verification fees or the shipping fees – as this puts them higher than other products.

  9. BG pays cashback only for 500$ gcs.
    “Cash back not available on eGift Cards. Cash back is not offered on fee-free promotional codes. American Express will no longer offer Business or Consumer Gift cards in the following denominations: $700, $1000, $2000 and $3000. In addition, Customized and Personalized Gift Cards will be limited to maximum denominations of $500. “

  10. Thought I’d chime in on TCB. I’ve looked into starting a cashback portal because of the number of FF friends I have, and the affiliate programs for amex and giftcardmall both state they pay every 3 months. TCB says in it’s terms and conditions they pay you as soon as the affiliate pays them, but that they will not pay if the affiliate doesn’t, which can be 3+ months. Other cashback sites probably front the money that is payed to customers from their operating budget, and they offer a lower % rebate than TCB to cover the losses from sales that the affiliate doesn’t pay for. Meanwhile TCB pays a higher amount, but only pays to those who it gets it’s affiliate commission.

  11. piss on giftcardmall, they jacked up shipping fees and added fees “for our protection” on giftcards and they limited the top ammount to $500 during the recent promo with TCB…too many other places to get cards, let them go the way of plasticjungle

  12. anon: That’s basically my understanding too. Coincidentally, TCB is starting to roll out a faster-pay program for quicker cash back from select merchants and, just as you said, they will front the money in those cases. I don’t think that GiftCardMall will be one of those merchants though.

  13. Al: Chase requires that you pay with Chase credit cards. If you want to run up spend on a Chase card, then yes the Chase gift cards are the best current deal (that I know of)

  14. Hi Mike,

    I’m sorry that you aren’t satisfied with our payment speeds. I know that it can be frustrating to wait for your cashback and our members do come first!

    Our US site operates in the same way as the UK site and waits are comparable. Generally speaking cashback takes 2-3 months for most transactions although this can vary greatly between merchants.

    We can’t pass on the cashback until we receive it from the merchant as the poster in number 16 says, but I can assure you that we do pass it immediately on to you and don’t hold any back. Other cashback sites may be able to pay out quicker from their own funds, but these may be at lower rates.

    We are committed to getting you the best rate possible as quickly as possible.

    If anyone has any further questions I would be happy to answer them here.

    Best wishes,

  15. I agree with many users. Whats good if TCB pays the highest cashback if you have to constantly monitor, track and keep opening tickets for missed transactions. They actually owe me $400 and i had to file a complaint with BBB and consumer protection. Their response was that i can request a payout which i did months ago. They are really lousy and scrupulous. I will advise not to advertise them.. Obviously, they wouldnt target someone with own website. But i wish people wouldnt tout them as much..

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