Kohl’s gift card systems experiencing technical difficulties

This is less a deal than an anti-deal, but here goes…

I’ve received reports from many readers lately of two issues with Kohl’s gift cards:

  1. Readers have been unable to apply Kohl’s gift cards to online orders
  2. Online purchases of Kohl’s physical gift cards through online portals have resulted in far fewer points than expected.

One reader who called Kohl’s regarding the first issue was told that they are aware of technical issues and they are working to fix them.  Hopefully the fix will come soon. 

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  1. All purchases result in fewer points. Basically they are subtracting whatever % coupon code you use twice. If you saved $100, they subtract $200 from the total and that is what you get UR for. So they definitely screwed up the coding.

  2. Chase was terrible helping me resolve any of this (I got 0 points for 1k in giftcards and 4 subsequent orders using those giftcards). I’m using a different portal now.

    • Well what did you expect? It specifically says on Chase’s website not eligible for gift card purchases. You just got lucky in the past that it worked.

  3. Looks like gift card use is back to normal now. I just placed some orders, so hopefully everything goes smoothly.

    Data point: I placed orders with a 30% coupon and paid in full with their branded credit card last Friday, and the points posted fine today. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.

  4. My points posted yesterday and today incorrectly from merchandise orders last Friday and Saturday. The “Qualifying Amount” according to Chase UR was about half on all orders. For example, one order was about $400 but the “Qualifying Amount” on Chase UR was $200 so I received about 2,000 points although I expected 4,000. So, the 10x points is fine, but the order amounts are for some reason incorrect. I used a 30% coupon and Kohl’s GCs.

    My Kohl’s GC order from early Aug was a total mess. The Qualifying amount was only 10% of what it should’ve been (they don’t even sell a gift card in that dollar amount) but I did receive 10x points from that random amount. I don’t think I have a prayer though of getting the “correct” points unless Chase or Kohls fixes the system and have it automatically go back to fix all orders from Aug 1 and beyond.

    YMMV indeed!

  5. I am staying away from this until they start posting correctly, my $100 gift card ordered on 8/9 posted correctly after 3 days, but its been 6 days since my item order on 8/9 using both the 15% and the 30% have yet to post.

    I am starting to wonder if they are starting to look at it with a magnifying glass.

    Previously i got rocked like everyone else on the gift card points and the item order points in early august.


    • I think the gift card points is a hit or miss and you really can’t do anything about it if you don’t get 10x points for those. But my points for merchandise purchases are all wrong. Do you think it’s because of the 15% or 30% coupons? I mean the qualifying amounts are still hundreds of dollars off which doesn’t seem to make sense.

      I put in a request with Chase to review the merchandise orders and they said it’ll take 7-10 business days, so we’ll see…

    • Just an update. Chase came back and said that I received the correct number of points for the Qualifying Amounts. That’s technically true but the issue is that the Qualifying Amounts themselves were incorrect! Chase (at least the Marketing dept with which I was dealing) said they don’t see the actual orders, only the Qualifying Amounts. So, this is still a problem. I now faxed them all my orders to show the true amounts. And the saga continues…

      Anyone else have a similar experience with Chase when trying to get the correct number of points?

  6. I was wondering what happened – I purchased $200 in GCs earlier this month (the 2nd or 3rd, I think), and when the payment and bonus UR poitns had posted, it said that the transaction amount was only $100, and I received only 1,000 points.

    Since they were GCs, should I just take what I got and be happy with it, or write a message to Chase mentioning that the transaction amount was incorrect?

  7. I tried telling them the purchase amount is not matching the transaction amount. They requested I give them the kohls order # to investigate it themselves. Rather then pursue further I gave up.

    Now the other problem is I have 3 orders from 8/9 that have not posted any points, they usually post really quick but now its 8 days and counting .


  8. same here, my $300 gift card purse only post as $100 on UR. Very strange. I hope this issue will be resolved soon. Please keep posting update.

  9. I had two purchases from 8/13 post correctly, two purchases on 8/14 post incorrectly, then all my purchases from 8/15 and on were correct. These were all merchandise purchases. So I don’t really know…

    All my gift card purchases are from August are wrong.

  10. Everything seems to be working fine now. I’ve recently successfully bought items with coupon and paid with gift cards, and received 10X. I also received 10X buying a physical gift card.

  11. Frequent Miler – any idea what’s up with the new Kohl’s Rewards program? Do you think that’ll replace the monthly mailers for 15-30% off?

  12. Hi FM, I recently moved and it apparently takes 3-4 months to update the address on the promotional monthly mailers for Kohls Charge members. (Ridiculous, right?!) Do you know when the next sale is for Kohls cardholders? I haven’t seen any emails and of course haven’t gotten any mailers about any this month.

  13. As of yesterday all my Kohls GC purchases of more than $100.00 are being cancelled. I called and they said the new policy was a max of $200 in gift card purchases per order. Although I still couldn’t get it to process with anything more than $100. Disclosure: I went through the Chase UR Mall but I doubt that had anything to do with it. Bummer.

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