Chase to end fee free gift card offer as of September 22

Chase has been offering fee free Visa gift cards for a while now, but I’ve received a tip saying that the deal will come to an end on September 22nd.  So, now is the time to buy! 

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    • I was going to say that GiftCardMall portal savings for Visa gift cards are only .5%, but I see that TopCashBack is offering 1% cash back today only. Even at 1%, though, I’m not sure that would be enough to cover fees and shipping.

  1. How much do people run through this method per card? Chase doesn’t have a problem with this and it accumulates rewards points? Can we use it to meet min spend for the United Explorer card?

    • Kiosks work the best, but some Walmarts let you load them via a cashier. YMMV though. Kiosk is very easy and doesn’t take too much time, unless you’re loading $100 gift cards.

  2. Any other options to get fee free gift cards like this once the deal expires? I noticed you can buy these for $3.50 in a branch. Would that be the best offer out there after this ends?

  3. This is 100% accurate. I just received a bank statement from Chase, and it stated on the first page that Chase will stop selling all gift cards after Sept 22.

  4. Tengo UA, SAPH, SW, FREEDOM chase cc. do you think I can put 2k on each before sept 22nd without weird them out? I do have regular spending on most. SW Have it a little abandoned.

  5. Is it possible to load more than one GC on a single money order? I know $.70 is no big deal…I’m thinking hassle factor more than WalMart moneygram fee

  6. Have you received anything in writing from Chase indicating that they were going to stop selling these GC on 9/22 or is it hearsay. I’m skeptical since I’ve never seen anything on the Chase website.

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