Sears 9X via US Airways Dividend Miles Storefront and 8X via Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping

Sears is currently offering increased bonus points through two online shopping portals:

Options for getting even more points:

  1. Pay with your Freedom card to earn 5X this quarter*
  2. Sign up for Plink and add Sears and Kmart to your Plink wallet (Kmart is necessary if you plan to buy Sears’ gift cards since they are charged to Kmart)

* On Monday I’ll explain why I think this will work even with physical gift card purchases that are sold by Kmart.  

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  1. So, through the Rapid Rewards portal, can you get points for buying gift cards for ONLY Physical GC or both EGC and Physical GC? I know through Chase UR, it’s Physical only…but I never heard of reports from SWA. If it’s physical only, guess there’s not enough time for a double dip before Oct 6th…

  2. Is there any way to get the 9X US Airways miles (and the complimentary Plink points) for buying other merchant gift cards, or even the Visa gift cards at Kmart? I was thinking go through the portal to buy Sears gift cards, then upgrade them to merchant gift cards or Visa gift cards at Kmart. I went to my local Sears and couldn’t find the gift card rack there, but there is definitely a gift card rack at Kmart.

    Also, if physical Sears gift cards could be used to buy Moneypaks at Kmart, then that would be stunning.

  3. Also, if upgrading Sears gift cards to other merchant gift cards at Kmart doesn’t work, then would upgrading Kmart physical gift cards to other merchant gift cards at Kmart, or using Kmart physical gift cards to buy Moneypaks at Kmart work?

  4. For the US Airways portal, do I have to use the Barclays US Airways credit card or can I use any card such as Discover?

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